Tubby’s lookin’ scruffy and could use a good brushing. He’s also meowing bitchily at me. I don’t know why this cracks me up so much. It’s like the chair is a kitty condo, with Spanky on the first floor and Fancypants on the second. The chair is Spanky’s favorite place to be. Have you ever seen a happier cat? Tubby sneaks back through the window after a hard afternoon of snoozing under the tree.

Click on any of those pictures to see the full-sized version, by the way. I also found a little movie of Spot. I like to call it When Good Kitties Go Bad. Check it out. So, with everything around here being so nuts for the past few weeks, I managed to miss out on nominating entries for the Diarist Awards. However, I’m still presenting to you: Who I Would Have Nominated (if I’d gotten off my ass and actually done it) Mo in the Mirror. I think it’s impossible for anyone to read this and not relate. And you’ve gotta love the Mo Pie! I love Jessamyn’s A Letter from My Father. I love Jessamyn, period. Each entry is so well-written that it makes up for the fact that she doesn’t update nearly often enough to suit me. (Because it IS all about me, you know) Nicole’s book review of the book written by the woman who claims that J.K. Rowling stole the word "Muggles" from her, and stole ideas, as well. I love it when Nicole gets heated up, because entries like this one are the result. (Edited 9/05 to add: There were a bunch more links, but three years and a few months later the journals no longer exist, so I edited the links out.) This time around, there were a bunch of pages I had bookmarked that are no longer where they were, and have either been taken down or moved so that I can’t find ’em. Dora Eliza took down her archives so that I can’t link to her entries for February 15th, January 29th, or January 25th (just thought you’d like to know I really liked those entries, Eliza! Even if I can’t remember anymore what they were about…). Fred wrote an entry at some point that’s no longer up, and Joley wrote an entry on February 14th that I can’t find. You know, I always consider these entries – the ones with a bunch of pictures and then a bunch of links – to be cheater-type entries, because how hard can it be? Well let me tell you, it’s hard. It’s hard because I want to say something that will do justice to each link, and I always feel like I never quite do.< Just so you know. -----