On the left, my entree – angel hair pasta with sauteed garlic and onions and a sprinkle of parmesan. In the center, what Fred and the spud had – spaghetti sauce with browned ground turkey, black olives, mushrooms and onions over angel hair, and a healthy sprinkle of parmesan on top. On the right, the vegetable for this meal – okra. It was overcooked and mushy, though. Bleh. Holy cow. I just went to the post office to mail a few things, and it was another good mail day. Mary Ellen’s cool mom, Gail, sent me some more pens. Whee! I think I’ll never run out of cool pens to write with ever again. Thanks, Gail! Would you like to know what I just hate? I hate it when there’s a web page touting some wonderful product, but you CANNOT place an online order. You know, if I WANTED to call someone a place an order, I wouldn’t be looking online, I’d be looking in a catalog, okay? Got that? I also hate that Bath and Body Works doesn’t have a web page you can order from. Obviously, they know that if you can order online, you won’t go into the stores so that the salespeople can follow you around and harass you into buying stuff you don’t need. That’s okay – I’ll just buy from Lush. I got my big-ass order of Lush products via UPS yesterday, and I’m happy once again. (Not that I was particularly unhappy, mind you) What I find interesting is that I ordered from the Lush Canada site, but the UPS ticket shows it as being shipped from Washington state. Interesting, no? Oh, I also hate sites where you CAN purchase the stuff they’re selling online, but they DON’T have a PICTURE of the item for you to look at to decide whether you want to buy it. That’s totally lame, and I’m sure they’re not selling ANYTHING on their sites and have decided that it’s useless to sell anything online. Dumbasses. So, I was reading Newsweek this morning while I was blow-drying my hair (It just bores the hell out of me to stand there and blow-dry it, so I usually read. Which is probably why my hair looks the way it does. Heh.), and I came across a story about Osama Bin Laden’s half brother Yeslam and how he’s "under scrutiny" and blahblahblah. What made me laugh out loud was this part: Like the rest of Osama’s relatives, Yeslam adopted a different family name to distance himself from his infamous kin. So what do you suppose he changed his family name to? Something very different, right? Something that you’d hear and never ever link to Bin Laden in a million years, surely. He changed it from Bin Laden to Binladin. Holy cow, did I laugh my ass off. On the one hand I understand, ’cause it’s kind of like hiding in plain sight – "Is he related to Osama?" "No, it’s spelled differently. One word instead of two, and l-a-d-i-n instead of l-a-d-e-n. No relation at all" – but on the other hand, it’s kinda of like changing your last name from Smith to Smyth and thinking no one would ever connect you with your family, the Smiths. Bet you had no idea I read Newsweek, did you? I was making an attempt to tame the pile of crap laying on the floor around my desk (this attempt was spurred by seeing that several spiders had taken up residence in and amongst the nooks and crannies of said crap, and had even laid eggs), and one of the things I’ve been needing to do is go through this rather large pile of floppy disks, see what was on each one, and decide what to do with whatever it was. I found a huge amount of pictures from March of 2000, many of which were cat pictures. For instance, there was: where Tubby is showing his evil side, and also meowing his obnoxious "Meh!" at me. There was also: where Tubby is laying by the kitchen table and obviously starving to death. I also found a more recent picture that Fred took a few days ago: The boys do like their fresh air and sunshine, yes indeedy. Friday Five: 1. What’s your favorite TV show and why? Survivor and Friends are pretty tied for first. Ironic that they’re on at the same time, no? 2. Who is your favorite television star? Oh my GOD, I have the total hots for Michael Chiklis, who used to be The Commish, and is now Vic Mackey on The Shield. I don’t know what the man did to himself between then and now, but he went from a bit of a shlump to a total hot little muffin. Rwowr! And I’m just loving the hell out of the show – I’ve even got Fred hooked on it. 3. What was your favorite TV show as a child? Little House on the Prairie. I’ll still stop and watch it if I’m flipping channels. I was also (surprise, surprise!) a Brady Bunch fan. But then, who isn’t? ("Mom SAID, don’t play ball in the house!") 4. What show do you think should have been canceled by now? I don’t know, nothing particularly annoying comes to mind. There are a whole slew of sitcoms I’ve never watched and wouldn’t miss – Yes Dear, King of Queens, The Hughleys, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Becker. 5. What new show do you hope escapes the axe this season? Andy Richter Rules the Universe is one of my favorite new shows this season. Greg the Bunny is okay, but Fred likes it more than I do. Bernie Mac is always funny, too. ]]>