As the school year nears an end, I usually send a few parents "nice notes." I want you to know how very much I have enjoyed having [Spud] in my language arts class this year. She is hard-working and well-behaved. She has a positive attitude and sweet disposition. I know you are very proud of her. Sincerely, N—- F——-. Isn’t that just awesome? It was completely unexpected, and though it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, it was still nice to hear it from someone she’s not related to, who sees her every day.

* * *
I’m waiting for the dishwasher repairman to come. The part he ordered came in finally, and none too soon. I can’t tell you how tired I am of washing dishes by hand. And the spud does a pretty good job, bless her heart (hee!), but she tends to only wash the part of the dish you eat from. So if you’re about to have a bowl of cereal and you grab a bowl, the inside will be sparkling clean, but the outside is greasy. Gah. "Sometime between now and noon," he said when he called at 7:45, after waking me up. I hauled my ass out of bed, took my shower with the idea that I’ll work out later (I’m fooling myself. I won’t work out later. The laziness has had a chance to settle in, and there’ll be no working out until tomorrow), and now it’s 9:33 and he’s not here yet. Want to bet the one time I’m actually ready for him to show up he doesn’t show up ’til noon? Thank god I vacuumed yesterday, so he won’t be eye-to-eye with a thousand rambling dust bunnies composed of cat fur.

* * *

The gray tabby hasn’t shown up today, but I’m sure he’ll be back. Speaking of cats, let’s start off the month with a bang, shall we? I found these pictures, and I’m not sure whether I’ve shared them with y’all yet. If you’ve seen them before, just pretend you haven’t, alrighty?
There’s a Poo in and amongst those daffodils.
Spanky stalking a bug in the back yard.
Tubby hates you with a burning passion. ]]>