Waaaaah! The dishwasher man came, installed the part, and then discovered that the part is no good and he has to order another one. I’m so missing my damn dishwasher! He said he’d see if they could expedite it, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one. Luckily I wear my goofy yellow gloves when I do dishes, but I’d love to be able to go back to throwing everything in the dishwasher.

We sure are some dish-using motherfuckers around here. I think I should toss all the dishes and buy a buttload of paper plates to eat off of.

* * *

Man. Everyone’s getting engaged. Congrats to Lynda, who’s the most recent engage-ee. As I just said to Fred on the phone, "Everyone’s getting engaged. I want to get engaged!"

"So, you want to get divorced?"

"Yeah, and you have to propose to me, all romantic-like!"

"Ohhhhh, nonono, you’ll just have to take your chances and see if I ask you to marry me again," he said smirkily (I couldn’t see him, but I know he was smirking).

"I think it’d be YOU that’d be taking chances!"

* * *

Godalmighty. I just discovered that I have yet another virus I picked up from some download or another. It’s the Downloader-W virus, and I managed to bring it onto my system. I’m like a cyber-whore, with all the viruses I manage to pick up. What’s this, the zillionth time?

Thank god for McAfee.

* * *

Okay, that’s it for today. I have to go get some packages ready to send out (books coming your way, Deb!) and back up my stupid hard drive (like it’s the computer’s fault and not my own stupid ass, downloading crap like it’s going out of style!). As a note, y’all should go backup your hard drive as well. How long’s it been since the last time you did so? I know I haven’t done it in at least six months, and it’s probably been closer to a year. I’d hate to lose any of the cool pictures I’ve taken recently.