Ignore the glare off the windshield, if you would. These are a couple of the houses we always pass as we drive toward downtown Hartselle, and I just love them to death. The tall house on the left side of the picture always catches my eye. Tell me. Does this look like my dream house, or what? Big covered porches, and painted a bright yellow. If this baby ever goes up for sale, Fred’s going to be sorry! The dollar store! That’s a definite plus in Hartselle’s favor. Actually, is there a town in existence that DOESN’T have a dollar store or two? LOVE the dollar store. There’s a story behind this one (isn’t there always?). We were sitting at a red light, and sitting in a truck at a red light on a street perpendicular to the one we were on was a total bubba-in-training. With a ‘do rag on his head. He saw the camera in my hand – I was looking to see if there were primroses on the side of the road – and thought I was going to take his picture. I hadn’t noticed him until he started giving me the eye and looking all pleased, so when he looked away, I DID aim the camera in his direction, but before I could take his picture, he looked back at me, and since I was too much of a wimp to actually snap his pic, I pointed the camera up into the trees, and just the light turned green and Fred took off, I clicked this picture. The more I look at it, the more I like it, to the point where I made it my wallpaper. What an unfortunate last name. And what a brave man for running for Commissioner anyway.
I love the view as we approach the farm. The fields, the big trees, the greenery. It’s gorgeous. Dude, pigs! Little baby piglets! The pink one (I said "He’s almost as big as Tubby!") stopped and rubbed up against the fence to scratch his back right after I took this picture. The rest of the herd. Or is it a pack? A pack o’ pigs? The one in the middle of the pack had quite an itch, apparently, because he kept rubbing up against the other piglets to scratch it. The dawg. Cows! These are the buildings where the chickens roost when they’re not busy running around in the pasture eating bugs and grain. Fred was driving pretty fast and didn’t want to slow down, so I snapped the picture too quickly, and only got part of a horse. One of these days I’ll perfect the art of snapping pictures from a moving vehicle. Primroses! One of these days I’ll get Fred to actually stop so I can get out and take pictures of them. I forgot to take the camera into the gas station bathroom with me this time, so here’s one taken in the mirror in the Jeep while I was waiting for Fred to come out. Downtown Hartselle. LOVE this town! What a cute little red Mustang convertible, isn’t it? And for sale! Too bad it’s not yellow. Note in the background that there’s an old-style Kentucky Fried Chicken sign, from back in the day before they started calling themselves "KFC", in hopes that people would forget that it’s fried food. Mmmm.. heart attack in a bucket! That’s it for today, but there’s an entry up for tomorrow – just click the "next" button at the bottom. You can read it now, or wait ’til tomorrow. Hell, it’ll practically be like I’m still here! ]]>