With a pile of pillows on the floor, where else would a portly princess settle her ass? While we were on vacation in Florida, I finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day, which I highly recommend. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, since I wasn’t crazy about Naked, but I was so amused by Pretty that when I was ordering stuff off of Amazon last weekend, I went ahead and ordered Holidays on Ice. That’s right, I cleared a bunch of stuff off my Amazon wish list over the weekend. We didn’t spend all our vacation money in Florida, so we split what was left over and went to work on our wish lists. Fred’s is down to something ridiculous like three items, and mine has been reduced from two pages to one. That won’t last long, I’m sure. Speaking of books, I highly HIGHLY recommend Kiss My Tiara. I happened to catch a recommendation for the book from one of those crazy kids over at Fractious Times, and put it on my wish list. And then, when I had some extra money laying around (not literally – we don’t let our extra money just lay around. We bury it in big pickle jars in the back yard) I bought it, it sat on the bookcase for god knows how long, and finally I read it. And loved it so much I’m keeping it, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously is unusual. So go forth and buy it for yourself. Because I said so.]]>