Finally, last night he said, “It’s not being away from home I don’t like. It’s being away from you.” from the entry on the 9th brought that on), and so I’ve been racking my brain for smack talk about Himself. The only things I’ve been able to come up with are: 1. He can’t close a drawer all the way to save his life. I spend half my life walking around the house completely shutting drawers and sometimes doors. And when he gets out of his Jeep and I’m staying in the Jeep waiting for him, he doesn’t close the door all the way, but just kind of half-heartedly pushes it so that it stays open, letting in the heat and flies. 2. He leaves his clothes all over the place. Okay, that’s not true. He leaves clothes that he thinks he might wear again in a pile on the table in the master bedroom and on the shelf in the closet, so that when it’s time to do laundry, I have to go around and pick up the piles to wash. Inevitably, he says “Have you seen my red pants with Hershey’s Kisses all over them? I was going to wear them.”, and I have to tell him that they’re being washed. 3. He loves Tubby. No, he LUHRVS Tubby. He also loves Fancypants, and I suspect that if Fancypants were a human, he and Fred would spend all their time singing show tunes to each other, if you know what I’m saying. 4. He is inordinately interested in our lawn. He cuts the grass before it needs it, and neatly bags the grass clippings. He also edges and sometimes sweeps the walk to the front door, clips the roses, and checks the Japanese Beetle traps daily. But that’s a good thing, because if it were left up to me, our yard would probably look like the crappy, never-mowed, overgrown yard of our neighbors up the street, the ones who are trying to sell their house (and good luck to them, with a yard like that!). What a lame list. I’d love to provide some juicy gossip for y’all (he netsexes Nance every day at noon!), but there’s just nothing. I’m frightened to think of what he could come up for smack talk about me, though! When we were at the Gulfarium in Florida, we saw this bird, and I said “Is that a stork?”, and Fred said “Yeah, I think so…” I said, “Oh, I’ve GOT to get a picture of it, so I can make a joke about how I talked to the stork, who told me that he’d be visiting Athena on July 9th!” Unfortunately, it’s not a stork. It’s a pelican. But it would have been funny, no? Y’all think good birthing thoughts for Athena. She’s ready to get this show on the road! Something on the floor? Climb up on it and wash yourself, of course! We’re going to Fred’s mom and stepfather’s house this afternoon. They just adopted a 6 week old kitten, and I’m dying to get my hands on it. I don’t think I’ve played with a kitten since Miz Poo was one, so I’m looking forward to it. I like cats, have I mentioned?]]>