Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” he added hastily.) Perv. So, last night we watched the new news show on Fox, The Pulse, which is good, because it’s got all the cool kids from Fox News on it. Well, the cool kids and Geraldo Rivera, anyway. It just astounds me that that man still has a career – he’s got to have some serious dirt on one of the muckety-mucks somewhere, is all I can guess. Anyway, Geraldo was doing a bit where he walks across a dirt driveway or yard – I wasn’t paying attention, because I don’t care for him – and Fred said “Geraldo is walking like he thinks he’s some kind of stud.” I looked up from my book and saw Geraldo walking all bow-legged, with his ass stuck out, and said “He walks like Tex.” Longtime readers will remember Tex. For the rest of you, let’s just suffice it to say that he’s someone we know and dislike. After a moment, Fred said “He looks like him, too. They’ve got the same kind of ugly.” Whereupon I almost choked to death on my Diet Coke. Because, yes. Tex and Geraldo certainly DO have the same kind of ugly going on. Hee! I’d do a side-by-side picture comparison of Tex and Geraldo, but it wouldn’t be prudent. Is it just me, or do the previews for the new Harrison Ford movie – K19: The Widowmaker – make it look like the most boring piece of shit ever filmed, or what? I mean, fuckin’ yawnsville on that one. I’ll be avoiding it like the plague, believe you me. And I like Harrison Ford. On the other hand, I’ll be hauling my ass to see The Good Girl in the theater, because it looks REALLY good, and I like everyone who’s in it. I watched a movie after Fred went to bed last night. A Walk to Remember, I watched, god knows why. Want to know what it’s about? Sweet girl with strong christian faith turns bad boy around, makes him fall in love with her, but – gasp! – she’s dying of leukemia! Which was so very obvious by those barely-there circles under her eyes! So they get married and she dies, and although we don’t see the scene where she dies, I am certain that if we had, it would have been very similar to the scene on The Bold and the Beautiful years ago where one moment Taylor was happy and healthy and dancing with her husband, and LITERALLY the very next moment she had collapsed and died in his arms. Because god KNOWS there’s no suffering when one dies of leukemia. One looks gorgeous right up to the very end, except for some occasional weakness – evidenced when the sick person swoons prettily – and the occasional slightly dark circles under the eyes. My god, talk about your dreck. What’s sad is that I watched the EXACT SAME crap not two years ago, in the form of Here On Earth, wherein Leelee Sobieski played the Mandy Moore role and Chris Klein played the Shane West role (and if Shane West was actually born with that name, I’ll eat my hat – and a check of the Internet Movie Database proves me correct. He was born with the name Shannon Bruce. I can see why he’d change it). Hell, I think we all know why I rented the movie. I rented it because I like that cute little Shane West, despite the fact that he has no clue when choosing his movie roles, apparently (I offer the painful Whatever It Takes, which should have worked – cute actors, cute (if overdone) premise, gets the girl in the end – but very much did not). Anyway. Avoid A Walk to Remember unless you’re having trouble sleeping. And all that said? You KNOW I teared up when they got married, because I’m the sappiest sap on the whole damn earth. 1. Where are you right now? In the shower. Hee! No, I’m in front of the computer, which is on my (messy, nasty, needs-to-be-cleaned) desk in the computer room. To my left are two sleeping kitties, and to my right is a Fancypants, who is swishing around and trying to decide whether he wants to go outside. 2. What have you lost recently? Well, I didn’t lose it, I’m pretty sure it was STOLEN, but the smiley-face ball that was on the antenna on my Jeep is gone. That pisses me off, because I had to actually order the damn thing from Wal-Mart online, since our local Wal-Mart didn’t have one, and I had to pay more for shipping than the damn thing cost. And now it’s gone, damnit, gone! 3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? Does that embarrass you now? I’m fairly certain it was probably Wilson Phillips’ self-titled album. And no, I’m not embarrassed. If my love for Olivia Newton-John won’t embarrass me, nothin’ will! 4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? Skilcraft pens are absolutely the best pens ever. Other than that, I have a pile of doctor’s office pens (pens that drug reps and such drop off at doctor’s offices) that Mary Ellen’s cool momma sent me, because she rocks. Sometimes, when I need a pen, it’s quite the dilemma for me when I try to decide which pen I want to use! 5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I prefer french vanilla, actually. I’m also enjoying McDonald’s frozen yogurt these days, too – it’s surprisingly good, and I just had an ice cream cone from there last night.]]>