memorial for Nicole and Bill’s Cleo. * * * Y’know, there’s just not a whole lot going on around here today, so what I’m going to do is toss up a bunch of cat pictures I’ve taken lately, and call it an entry. There aren’t any pictures of Spanky or Fancypants, for some reason, but there are plenty of that fashion model we like to refer to as Tubelle. It’s a Poo! Inna box! A Poo inna box! What more could you possibly hope for? Spot’s putting his foot (er, paw) down and taking over the pillow on my desk. Actually, Miz Poo has rather abandoned it – lately, whenever she’s on the desk, she prefers to be laying directly between the keyboard and me, so that I can’t type and can only pet her, pet her, pet her, the whole livelong day. If this ain’t a guilty lookin’ Tubelle, I don’t know what is. Actually, I think I caught him in mid “march”, because he will sit and knead for hours and hours before settling down to sleep. Exhausted from all that damn kneading. A Poo! Inna bag! A Poo inna bag! How handy. How do YOU carry YOUR Poo around, after all? Spot and Tubelle were having themselves a bit of a lovefest before they heard me coming upstairs. Tubby’s getting ready to flee the premises. There’s nothing a fashion model like Tubelle likes to do more than sprawl out on his back and stare off into space. Notice the incredibly dirty back feet. Tubelle cannot reach his feet, poor boy. Oh, goodness. Time for a stretch. After wearing himself out sprawling and stretching, Tubelle will surely need a nap!]]>