“I’m an excellent back scratcher…” It is, by the way, a fallacy that you have to have long nails to give a good scratch of the back. When I was 18, someone at a party asked me to scratch his back (what kind of girl did he think I was!), and when I was done, he sighed happily (I always have the effect on men, har de har) and said “You must have really long nails!”, and was amazed to see that they were as short as they are now. It’s all in the technique, y’see. * * * Fred sent me this link, and when I was done reading it, I had a mental image of a very large nekkid fat man laying on the road in the rain, covered by a very small rain coat. It reminded me of the interview I read several years ago with Chris Farley and David Spade, where David Spade said that Chris Farley – who was standing behind David – would start giggling and tell David to look because Chris was going to show him the funniest thing ever. David Spade would say “It better not be fat man in little jacket!”, and Chris would say “No seriously, turn around! You’ll laugh your ass off!”, and when David finally turned around, there would be Chris Farley standing there, having crammed himself into David’s jacket. That’s an approximation of the interview, anyway. ]]>