Fred bought these bags that come with bait and attract the damn things, and then they drop into the bags and roast to death (far too kind a death for them, in my opinion). Fred put up pictures toward the end of his entry here about how full the damn bags were when we got back from Florida – and the bags had only been out for 5 days, I believe. Just looking at those pictures make me want to gag. A few weeks ago, I went out to get the mail, and about fifteen minutes after I came back inside my scalp started itching. When I went to scratch it, I was horrified to find that there was a Japanese Beetle hanging out in my hair. I screamed, threw it to the floor, and stomped on it. Grrr. I hate Japanese Beetles. HATE THEM, I say! Since I was out taking pictures, I got a few garden pics: This rose is my favorite, because not only is it gorgeous, but it smells awesome (don’t ask me what kind o’ rose it is – I have no clue). I really like this one, too. The picture’s a little blurry, but I just love the color of this rose. Remember a few weeks ago when I asked for advice on trimming back petunias, and many of you emailed me to tell me that I could, indeed, trim them back? Well, the very next day I went out with the garden shears and began trimming. At first, I was careful to do as instructed – cut above the “y”, be sure to leave some leaves – but patience (at least when gardening) is so very much not my strong suit, so I started just kind of hacking away at random and when I was done, I had a pile of petunias beside the pot, and the plants inside the pot didn’t even reach the top. “I think I went too far,” I told Fred. “I just got bored and carried away and chopped the hell out of them. I guess it’s a good thing they weren’t expensive, huh?” Three weeks later, this is what they look like: Apparently Petunias aren’t all that delicate. Yay for Petunias! And inside the house, my begonia is doing a lot better than I expected. From what I’ve read, begonias are picky, delicate little plants, but this one is thriving and blooming like hell. I love the color, but after I bought this one, I saw some yellow ones and wish I’d bought one of those. I could actually have two begonias in the house, I suppose, but I try to keep the plants kind of up and away from the cats so they won’t chew on the leaves, and we’re rapidly running out of places to put plants. Miz Poo shows her portly side (and if you look closely, you’ll see she’s sticking her tongue out at y’all).]]>