pirated software from one of their auctions two years ago, I’m not holding out much hope. Thank god it was only $11 and not hundreds… Again – CHECK THOSE FEEDBACKS, people! * * * So, contrary to what I previously stated, I won’t be attending JournalCon THIS year, either. It all came down to the fact that it was a choice between my going to JournalCon, or all three of us going to Gatlinburg, and after much discussion we decided it was going to be Gatlinburg. I’m already saving for next year, though. * * * We (Fred and I) watched In the Bedroom last night. I liked it, Fred didn’t. He thought it dragged too much, and whined and moaned about how LONG it was (it’s about 2 hours, for the record). He only was interested in seeing it because he’d heard that one actress smacks the shit out of another, who wasn’t expecting a real slap. Fred also thought it was too jumpy, jumping from scene to scene without any kind of transition, but I think the story was told well. I had NO idea that it was going to end the way it did, and it kind of seemed to strike a false note there, with that happening (heh – I’m trying not to put any spoilers in here, can you tell?). The scenery was awesome – at one point, I yelled to Fred “Hey! I’ve been right THERE! And there, too!”, because the movie was filmed in Maine, and I recognized some of it. There were a couple of goofs – mainly when one character says “But the airport is south of here.” when it in fact is NOT south of where they were starting out from, at least not if they were headed for the Portland airport. That seemed to be an easy thing to check out, and I almost wonder if the director left it in on purpose. William Mapother – Tom Cruise’s cousin – plays Marisa Tomei’s almost-ex-husband. I was amazed at how he had all of Tom’s features – the nose, the beady eyes – but whereas Tom is very good-looking, his cousin is very much not so. Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson were excellent – actually, all the actors in this movie were pretty good. I recommend it, if you’re not the type of person who prefers forgettable action as does someone we all know and love. * * * If you’ve never heard of SHeDaisy, they’re a country group comprised of three sisters, who have had a couple of hits. When their first hit “Little Goodbyes” came out (at least I think it was their first one – and I assume it was a hit, because it was in heavy rotation on GAC), I was absolutely amazed by the resemblance of one of the girls to a famous person. A famous man, to be exact. I submit for your perusal the following two pictures for comparison. On the left, Kelsi Osborne from SHeDaisy. On the right, one Kurt Russell in drag from his role on the craptastic Tango and Cash. You can’t deny the resemblance, no matter how hard you try. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out someday to find out that he’s her biological father or something. Not that I’m saying that Kelsi is manly looking or unattractive – in fact, I think she’s the cutest one out of the three Osborne sisters, but she’s just a dead ringer for Kurt Russell. Could be worse, right?]]>