Eliza, but I kind of like the Dixie Chicks version of “Landslide.” I never saw Lindsey and Stevie on the live reunion show, though, so I don’t have that memory to compare it to. Speaking of the Dixie Chicks, though, I wish Natalie Maines would pay someone to teach her how to dress. I mean, I know the way she dresses is part of her charm, but my eyes! My eyes! Anyway, shhhh, don’t tell Eliza I would ever download that song, okay? It’ll just be between us, because I don’t want her to hunt me down and kick my ass.), and I accidentally clicked on “My Grokster” instead of “Grokster.” I realized my mistake (eventually), and closed it. And then clicked on Winamp. And then clicked on mIRC. And then clicked on Snood. “Argh!” I finally said aloud. “What the fuck?” I added. I closed everything, took a deep breath, stared at the screen until I’d located Grokster, and then opened it. (And downloaded “Landslide”, “Beautiful Mess” (Diamond Rio), and “Something Worth Leaving Behind” (Leann Womack). I also downloaded the Tori Amos version of “Landslide.” Shhh.) * * * The spud recently came home from school and asked if I had ever heard the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morrissette. “Yes,” I said. “Why?” “We listened to it in English today, because we’re studying the word ironic,” she said. “Do you have it on cd?” “You listened to it in English? What was the purpose of that, to show you the incorrect usage of the word?” “Heh,” she said, which is her usual response when she doesn’t understand what I’ve said, and further doesn’t really care to understand it. When she says “heh”, we correctly take it to mean “Let’s move it along, shall we?” “Heh,” she said. “Do we have “Ironic” on cd?” “Yes, why?” I said. “I was wondering if you could copy it to another cd for me so I could listen to it in my room.” “Sure,” I said. “Why don’t you make a list of other songs you like, too, so I don’t waste the whole cd on one song?” “I’ll think about what other songs I like,” she said, and that was it for a few days. Saturday, Fred and I came downstairs. The spud was in front of my computer, so I wandered into the kitchen to get water, and then I heard Fred say, very loudly, “I don’t THINK so!” Naturally, I had to investigate. “Bessie,” Fred said, all perturbed. “Look at the lyrics of the song YOUR DAUGHTER wants you to download and burn to a cd!” He leaned forward and highlighted some text on the screen: I’d rather be a pussy whipped bitch, eat pussy, and have pussy lips glued to my face with a clit ring in my nose then quit bringin’ my flows From the other room, the spud – who had left the room at some point – yelled “I TOLD you it had some bad words!” Some bad words. Heh. Needless to say, that song won’t be going on the cd I make for her. So far, “Ironic”, some song by Mandy Moore, and “Living on a Prayer” are slated to go on the cd, and she wanted to add a little Eminem into the mix. A rebel in the making, no?]]>