Any idea who that is? Why, that would be one Justin Guarini from American Idol, back when he was trying to tame his hair. I still think he’s creepy, but the untamed look definitely does him better. * * * I was up late last night (I’ve been going to bed around 11:30 recently, so I was up later than that, is what I mean), and after I read some of the book I’m reading – Cherry, by Mary Karr, which has some laugh-out-loud moments in it, but I didn’t like as much as The Liars’ Club – and then did some cross-stitching, and was about to go to sleep when I decided to flip through the TV channels one last time. On HBO was Monica in Black and White, which I had heard about when it first came on back in March (I think), but I hadn’t seen any of it. I flipped over to the show when it had been on for about half an hour, and I watched for another half an hour. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I feel sorry for her. I mean, I’m sure she never imagined that the relationship (if you can call it that) with Clinton would ever turn into the media circus that it did. And she’s well aware that the way she handled the aftermath wasn’t terribly brilliant – she’s kicked herself over and over for that, you can tell. I actually had to change the channel a few times, because she was having such a difficult time talking about it all. My heart goes out to her because no matter what she does for the rest of her life, she’s going to be Monica Lewinsky, the punchline to a joke, and that’s got to be a pretty heavy burden to bear. * * * Hell, let’s make this an all-TV entry, shall we? It’s been a while since I’ve done that. Fred and I have recently started watching the CBS Monday night lineup, which consists of King of Queens, Yes, Dear, and Everybody Loves Raymond (we don’t watch Becker, because we don’t really care for Ted Danson), and we really like Yes, Dear, and Everybody Loves Raymond. The funny thing is that Fred had to be convinced to watch Yes, Dear and Raymond, but now he likes them enough to actually look forward to watching them. The King of Queens is mildly amusing, but the main husband and wife characters – Doug and Carrie – are so hostile and mean to each other most of the time, that it’s annoying. On top of that, every single week there are jokes about how Doug – the husband – is fat. It’s gotten to the point where we’ve started counting up the fat jokes to keep ourselves amused. Last night, there were four in the first fifteen minutes, and then we lost count. When married characters are that cruel to each other, all you can think is, “Why the hell are they married if they hate each other so much?”

* * *
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