Hee! Despite my ladylike appearance (::snort::), I do enjoy a good fart story. * * * Joley emailed me this morning and correctly pointed out that the entire family is mean to each other on Everybody Loves Raymond, so she was confused that we didn’t like King of Queens because they’re always so mean to each other, but still like to watch Raymond. I think what bothers me about King of Queens is that the meanness is a one-note “You’re fat!”, “Yeah, well, you’re a bitch!”, whereas on Raymond there’s the occasional sense that Ray and Deborah are in it together – especially when his mother gets involved. Okay, I think what it actually is, is that Ray’s mother is so evil that I love watching her, I can’t help it. And every time she does something evil (but well-meaning), I thank my stars she’s not MY mother-in-law. * * * Yesterday was a really good mail day. Not only did I get the latest copy of US Magazine (Justin tells his side of the story! Woo! Actually, I’m not holding my breath – I’m sure it’s going to be some half-assed “It just wasn’t working out because we were both travelling all the time blah-de-blah.”), but I also received some pretty cool stuff. Cristen sent me not only a cool smiley-face-themed keyring, but also a Les Mis postcard. Whee! From Wendy, a lovely handmade thank you card for sponsoring her. And from Krishanna, another cool handmade card! Pretty, isn’t it? I defy you to show me another journaller who has readers half as cool as mine! * * * I’ve recently gotten back into cross-stitching, and upon digging through my bag of cross-stitching stuff, I found a couple of ornaments I’d cross-stitched last year, and which only needed to be cut and put into their little plastic frames. They’re pretty cute, and I haven’t decided whether I’m going to hang them on our tree this year, or give them away. I’ll probably end up giving them away, because we have plenty of ornaments for our tree. Anyway, naturally I snapped a picture of each of them: I only bought them to have something to do with my hands while watching TV, and they worked pretty well for that. I’m currently working on a large picture I started about 5 years ago. I think I should have it done in another week or so, and then I’m going to take it to be framed. Fred thinks I should put it up for sale on eBay, but I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet. Here’s what part of it looks like, anyway: Pretty, no? I love the colors in it, especially the shades of blue and pink. * * * I recently looked at one of my old entries, and found a picture of a tiny ivy plant I bought back in November 2000, here. This is what it looks like today: I just love ivy – it’s impossible to kill, almost, and it thrives no matter where I put it. And speaking of ivy, I took this picture of an ivy-covered hill when Fred and the spud and I took a roadtrip last Sunday. I think I like ivy-covered hills as much as I like kudzu-covered hills. They’re so gorgeously green, whether it’s been a dry season or not. And while I’m sharing plant pictures, here’s a shot of one of the rosebuds on one of the rose bushes I can see from my chair in front of the computer. Love that color.

* * *
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