this design. Fred hasn’t seen them yet, but I’m sure he’ll have a few choice comments. * * * The tornado alarm is going off, and it’s all loud and shrill and getting all over my nerves. Bastards. * * * Are Dingos and Australian Cattle Dogs the same breed? They look an awful lot alike… * * * There was a Lifetime movie with Jenna Elfman on Monday night – Obsessed, it was called. I wanted to see it because the commercials made it look really good, and I kinda like Jenna Elfman ’cause she’s got those crazy, twirly eyes going on. I mean, look at those eyes: Those are the eyes of a potential psycho, and I love me some good screaming psycho movies. It wasn’t a bad movie, though it was really more of a 1-hour show stretched into 2 hours, but Jenna Elfman does crazy well. Anyway, the movie came on from 8 – 10 and 10 – 12. I watched the 10 – 12 showing, watching it while I cross-stitched (I swear to god, I’m NEVER going to be done outlining this damn cross-stitch picture), and I enjoyed it. I stayed up for another hour watching the back-to-back episodes of Mad About You that came on from midnight to 1, and then I made myself turn out the light. I’m turning into a total night owl. What do you suppose I dreamed about? That’s right, that Fred had a crazy stalker who wouldn’t leave us alone. All night long I dreamed about this psycho doing her psycho stalking things, and I woke up all stressed out until I realized it had been a dream. (That is, I hope it was a dream – if Fred’s got a stalker, she’s staying pretty well-hidden so far. That, or she’s scared that if she breaks into the house, Tubby will eat her.) * * * I rented and watched 40 Days and 40 Nights last night. I thought it would be a cute and amusing movie, with the adorable Josh Hartnett and the equally adorable Shannyn Sossamon. Instead of finding it cute and amusing, I am, instead, bitter that I’ll never get that 94 minutes of my life back. If you’re tempted to rent it, I suggest you poke your eyes out with a sharp pencil instead – you’d probably have more fun. It occurred to me as I watched the movie that if everyone in the movies and on TV actually communicated (gasp!) with each other, life would go a lot more smoothly. But then, there’d be dilemma around which the entire movie or show revolved, and thus there’d be no need for crap like 40 Days and 40 Nights. What a loss that would be.]]>