Good in Bed (heh – I accidentally typed that as “Food in Bed” at first). Jennifer Weiner’s second book, In Her Shoes, just came out today. I meant to hit Waldenbooks in the mall while I was out running errands, just to check the price – plus, I have a $5-off coupon – but by the time I dragged my lazy ass out of the house and rented movies, got groceries, and went to the post office, it was lunch time. As you can imagine, lunch time is very important to me, and when I thought about whether I wanted to spend 45 minutes going to the mall, or just going home, it was really no contest. I’ll probably hit the mall on Friday – I’m in the middle of reading If Looks Could Kill, so In Her Shoes would have had to wait until I was done, anyway. * * * It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means, right? That’s right, the season premiere of That 70s Show! But that’s not what I was referring to. Tuesdays are – attention stalkers! – the day I go to the post office to see if I have any mail, and also to mail out anything I need to, since I don’t mail bills out from home anymore. I don’t mail bills out from home anymore because way too many checks – two or three a month – weren’t reaching their destination, and I’m certain that it’s the fault of that bastard of a mailman. So I take them directly to the post office now, and will for the forseeable future. Anyway, at the post office I found two postcards: From reader Tania in Australia From Kim, who just got back from Disney World And from reader Christy in Massachusetts, I got my new favorite bumper sticker: Now all I need is a little yellow Beetle to stick it to. Thanks, Tania, Kim, and Christy – I know I don’t have to tell y’all how much I love to get mail! * * * The reason this entry is going up so late today is because after I got done running my errands, it was time to eat. By the time I got done eating, it was time to log my food for yesterday on my Diaryland site, and by the time I was done with THAT, it was time to watch Dr. Phil. Yes, I’ve starting watching the Dr. Phil show. And I’m not embarrassed about it, damn it! It’s odd to watch Dr. Phil as the host of a show rather than as part of Oprah’s show, and while he seems a little stiff to me, that’s probably just because he needs to get used to it himself. I don’t know that I’ll continue watching it every day – I’ll probably start checking to see what each show is about, and decide from that, the way I do with Oprah – but I can say that the first two shows were pretty good. And tomorrow’s show is about obesity in kids, so you KNOW I’ll be there. As I pointed out to Fred this afternoon, it makes me uncomfortable when Dr. Phil is nice. Hee!]]>