Newfoundland Naturals. I like the stuff from Lush, but I don’t like all the crap the Lush stuff leaves around the edges of the tub, so when Tracey emailed and told me she’d like to send me some bath salts from the best place ever, I accepted. Hey, I’m flexible, I’m willng to experiment. Last night I took a bath and used blueberries and cream bath salts, and I think I’m in love. Not only did it smell great, but it was soothing, made my skin feel softer, AND didn’t leave a ring around the tub. I’m hooked! * * * I finished reading In Her Shoes late Saturday night (actually, Sunday morning – it was after midnight), and almost burst into tears because I didn’t want it to be over. I leafed back through the book, rereading my favorite parts, and I’m thinking that next weekend I may read Good in Bed and In Her Shoes back-to-back. I highly recommend In Her Shoes, if you hadn’t guessed. * * * In honor of the fact that today’s the first official day of Fall, it’s absolutely gorgeous outside – sunny and in the low 70s. I guess Mother Nature heard me bitching about the heat and humidity and decided to make things right! Though it’s a little cooler than I would like… * * * The cats have been acting nuts over the past several days – I’m sure due to the full moon – and Miz Poo has been especially weird. Every time she sits down to eat, she catches sight of her reflection in the side of the tub (it’s not mirrored, but it’s shiny enough so you can see a vague reflection). She eats one bite of food, and then starts doing the thing where she stretches her neck out really long and tries to figure out what she’s looking at. It’s funny to watch, because she’s always so surprised and mesmerized that she stops eating and goes over to the tub and stares into her reflection. She can do it for hours, y’all. That cat just ain’t right. ]]>