A lemon hat! So cute. I only ordered it last week or so, and told her I was in no hurry, since it was humid as hell (except in hell it’s a dry heat, I think), and hot, but still she whipped it out and no time flat and sent it off to me. I can’t wait ’til it gets cold enough that I need to wear it all the time – I will be so stylin’! * * * If you belong to the notify list run by NotifyList.com, you may want to unsubscribe from that list, and subscribe to this one instead. NotifyList.com has been a pain in my ass (and that’s a big pain!) for the last few weeks. I sent out two notify emails yesterday and neither one of them ever went out, apparently. Bastards. Will I ever find a notify list I like? Hopefully the one I linked to above will work out, but with me, you just never know. (Edited 9/17/07 to add: Notify lists can be joined here.) ]]>