this just leave me speechless. If I had a million dollars, I’d buy a huge piece of land in the country, and I would build huge insulated barns, and I would adopt every cat and dog I could, and I would care for them, and I would let people adopt them from me, and I would make them sign a contract agreeing to the condition that I could randomly drop by their house to see how that animal was being cared for. But I could adopt and house and care for a million cats and dogs, and it wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket. For the love of god, people. Spay and neuter your dogs and cats. If I had a trillion dollars, I’d pay to have them spayed and neutered myself. * * * Attention, Tubby-lovers! If you haven’t seen it yet, Fred put up a bunch of pictures of the Tubster, here – toward the bottom of the page. Enjoy, you weirdos! * * * He also got some good pictures of Miz Poo. I don’t know why on earth she insists on cramming herself into the most uncomfortable-looking positions on earth, but she consistently does it. You are, by the way, forbidden to notice the pile of dust bunnies laying on the floor in front of the bookcase.]]>