Slander, which I’m currently trying to read. I’m having a hard time getting into it, because Ann Coulter’s arguments strike me as really pretty disingenuous. And I made sure to use the word “disingenuous”, because Fred has come to loathe that word, ever since Ghandia used it 45,000 times in last week’s Survivor. Fred looked at me and said “Maybe you should put Ann Coulter back on the bookcase and try the Sean Hannity book. Ann Coulter can be kind of mean-spirited.” Well, duh. * * * I got this survey via email from Chris, and am answering it in lieu of a “real” entry. It seems familiar, and I may have put it in here before, but what the hell. You know you can’t get enough information about me! 1. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? I wake up the first time around 6:40ish, when the spud knocks loudly to announce that she’s leaving to go wait for the bus (the child could walk to school, and not have to leave the house ’til 7:20, but she prefers to ride the bus. Sounds just like me at that age). Then 5 minutes later, more or less, Fred wakes me to chat for a few minutes, then hugs and kisses me before leaving for work. I go back to sleep for anywhere from one to two hours, but I’m definitely out of bed by 9. Unless I had a really late night the night before. 2. IF YOU COULD EAT LUNCH WITH ONE FAMOUS PERSON, WHO WOULD IT BE? I think that the last time I answered this question, I said Stephen King. Now I’m thinking that I’d really like to have lunch with Carol O’Connell. I would adore meeting the brain who created Kathy Mallory. I just finished Crime School last night, and teared up, especially the last line before the epilogue. For that matter, the epilogue had me boo-hoo’ing as well. If you’ve never read any Carol O’Connell books, I highly recommend the Mallory series. 3. GOLD OR SILVER? Ih. I have no real opinion – my wedding band and engagement ring are both gold (even though I hinted STRONGLY that I wanted platinum. Ahem.), but I have silver jewelry as well. I rarely wear jewelry other than my rings, so it’s mostly a moot point. 4. WHAT WAS THE LAST FILM YOU SAW AT THE CINEMA? Errrr… It was something with Fred, wasn’t it? Oh wait, it was Men In Black II with my mother and the kids while I was in Maine. I’m going to see Sweet Home Alabama with the spud this afternoon, though. And I’m hoping to convince Fred to go see Red Dragon with me when we get back from Gatlinburg. And I’ve been wanting to see The Good Girl, too. The list is endless, but I digress. 5. FAVORITE TV SHOW? That would be a tie between Survivor or Friends. Nice that they’re on opposite each other, isn’t it? 6. WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? I don’t eat breakfast, and don’t give me shit about it either, or I’ll smack you. 7. WHAT WOULD YOU HATE TO BE LEFT IN A ROOM WITH? Something that would scream and fly at my head. A monkey, maybe. Or dirty litter box. Gah. 8. CAN YOU TOUCH YOUR NOSE WITH YOUR TONGUE? No. I can, however, raise one eyebrow, wiggle my ears, and fold my tongue. I can also make my boobs dance a little jig by using my incredibly strong (yet womanly) pectoral muscles. 9. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Um. I couldn’t tell you. Not because nothing inspires me, but because nothing’s coming to mind. Miz Poo inspires me! Oh wait, that’s not right. She COMPLETES me, not inspires me… I always get those two mixed up. 10. WHAT’S YOUR MIDDLE NAME? Leslie. 11. BEACH, CITY, OR COUNTRY? Beach – but a deserted beach, with no one around for miles, and lots of trees would be ideal. Cities are cool, but I wouldn’t want to live there. 12. SUMMER OR WINTER? Neither. Summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold. I prefer Spring. 13. FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Right now, it’s Godiva Vanilla with Chocolate Caramel hearts. I can actually feel my ass expanding when I eat it. 14. BUTTERED, SALTED OR PLAIN POPCORN? Popcorn’s one of those things that always smells better than it tastes – but if I had to choose, I’d say buttered and salted. 15. FAVORITE COLOR? Yellow, of course! I also like a smokey blue, though. 16. FAVORITE CAR? Favorite car of all time would be a Miata. Favorite car of the moment is the yellow VW Beetle. I can hear them calling me every time I drive by the VW dealership. 17. FAVORITE SANDWICH FILLING? Egg salad, I guess. Although I used to really love those Steak-Ummms minute steaks, and used to make kick-ass steak and cheese sandwiches with them. 18. TRUE LOVE? Do I believe in it? Yes. Do I have a true love? Yes. 19. WHAT CHARACTERISTICS DO YOU DESPISE? People who are condescending. Oh, and socialites who would be horrified at the idea of wearing a $5 t-shirt in public. Get OVER yourself. Okay, that’s not really a characteristic, is it? I also am not fond of liars. 20. FAVORITE FLOWER? Daffodils and sunflowers. Don’t make me choose! Also, carnations. 21. IF YOU HAD A BIG WIN IN THE LOTTERY? I’d buy a house on the ocean in Maine. Then I’d buy a huge tract of land in the country (probably in the south, since Fred would never step foot over the Mason-Dixon line on purpose), build several insulated barns, and go around to every pet shelter and adopt as many cats and dogs as I could. Then I’d hire people to help me take care of them. I’d also pay to have cats and dogs neutered and spayed if their owners couldn’t afford it. Oh, and of course I’d cure world hunger, and I’d form a new country where women like Amina Lawal could flee, and be safe. I guess I’m expecting a lot from one little ol’ lottery, aren’t I? 22. FIZZY OR STILL WATER AS A DRINK? Still water. 23. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BATHROOM? The master bathroom has cream-colored walls, and smokey blue accessories. 24. HOW MANY KEYS ON YOUR KEY RING? Five? Six? I’m too lazy to go look. 25. WHERE WOULD YOU RETIRE TO? Maine in the summer, Florida in the winter! 26. CAN YOU JUGGLE? IF YES HOW MANY? Nope. I’m not coordinated enough. 27. FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK? Thursday, ’cause it’s Survivor night! 28. RED OR WHITE WINE? I don’t drink wine. 29. WHAT DID YOU DO FOR YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY? I absolutely cannot remember. I went back and looked at my entry for that day, but it gives me no clue. Surely we went out to dinner? I don’t know, but I’m sure it was awesome! 30. DO YOU CARRY A DONOR CARD? Yep, and if you ever come across my brain-dead body in an ER, you’re under strict orders to tell them that they can take any organs that would be of use to someone else. It’s not like I’m going to use ’em, after all. * * * I have no idea whether I’ll have time to put up an entry tomorrow before we leave for Gatlinburg. Tomorrow marks 3 years since I began my journal, and I wanted to put up an entry marking the occasion. If I don’t have time to write an entry between now and when we leave tomorrow, I’ll write one when I get back and back-date it. Three years of journalling with only the occasional week off – pretty good, huh? * * * ]]>