here. For the record Olivia (the bobtail), Sassy (with the cool fur) and Magnolia (the little scaredy cat) have all been adopted since Monday, and Apple – who is male, but has the most demanding, feminine meow I’ve heard, second only to that of the Fancypants – is spoken for. Cicely, who not only resembles Miz Poo, but also kicks ass like she does, absolutely cracks me up, because she’s in the same cage as Mimosa, and she spends all her time kicking his ass. When I pick her up, though, she’s not feisty at all, and instead snuggles up to me and lays there calmly purring. And you think Birch looks like Fancypants? When I walked into the cat room this morning, I thought I was looking at Fancypants – there’s another cat who’s a dead ringer for him, and he’s about Fancypants’ size, though perhaps a little heavier. His eyes are more of a green than Fancypants’, but he has the exact same high-pitched meow. Unreal. * * * Today was a very VERY good mail day (except for the fact that I forgot to take the camera with me, and thus couldn’t get a picture of the empty field next to the post office, which is covered with morning glories of all sizes and colors, and looks incredibly cool) for me. I received the following: From Miz Joley, a bar of citrus-scented smiley-face soap! As I said via email to Jolene, “I don’t understand. Smiley faces make you think of me…?” Hee! From reader Leslie in California, a smiley-face postcard! And the smiley face is a sticker I can take off and stick somewhere! Very cute. From Teresa, How to Shit in the Woods. Teresa read this entry, and thought I could use this book. Which I certainly can! And from reader Marisa, Bitch, which I am very much looking forward to reading. * * * We watched The Exorcist last night, because Fred was in a mood to watch it. I’ve never seen it before – though I’ve seen parts, and also read the book – and since it’s been digitally remastered and all, Fred wanted to be sure I saw it. It wasn’t a bad movie, although the lovey-dovey Mom/ Regan parts at the beginning put me into sugar shock, and there were parts of the movie that seemed kind of disjointed to us. The only part that creeped me out was when Regan came skittering down the stairs backwards and upside-down. DAMN creepy. Once Fred went to bed last night, I watched The Bachelor – which I’d taped – and I would swear upon all that is holy that when Aaron and Heather were in the pool, and he got that spacey, blissful look on his face, that there was a little SOMETHING going on that we weren’t seeing. If you know what I mean. Because Aaron said “I think Heather wanted to get more intimate and romantic than I did”, and I think that we all know that Creepy Bachelors say “Intimate and romantic” when what they really mean is “She was giving me a handjob under the water, and I didn’t stop her, even though I’m not attracted to her, BECAUSE I AM ONLY HUMAN.” Gah. I really liked Heather, so it was hard to see her talking about how she was falling for him, and they had a definite connection one second, and then in the next second, he was talking about how he didn’t feel the chemistry, underwater handjob aside. (No, he didn’t say anything about there being a handjob. That was my version of the story.) What I want to know is how the hell these women are falling so hard, so fast for Aaron the Creepy Kiss-Everyone Bachelor. I mean it’s been, what? Three weeks, if that? And only a few of them have been on one-on-one dates with him, so altogether they’ve each spent MAYBE several hours in his presence, if you count the time he spent whisking them off one-by-one to stick his tongue down their throats? How can you even think about falling that hard for someone you’ve spent such a small amount of time with? I’m predicting that it comes down to Gwen and Helene. Sorry, non-The Bachelor-watchers. I didn’t mean to yammer on about the show for so long. Tonight, Survivor! Whoo! I hope like hell that Robb gets his ass kicked off. A girl can dream, can’t she? The cocked head of curiosity. The bitchy meow. (I have no idea why he appears to be slightly blue in these pictures)]]>