I was amazed, because this is the first time I’ve ever seen a squirrel in our yard. We do have the occasional squirrel in our subdivision, but they tend to hang out in the more wooded yards. Apparently Mr. Squirrel had sniffed out something he liked, though, and made a special trip to our yard. At one point, he was straddling the two mesh bags, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture. After doing some intense work, Mr. Squirrel managed to chew through the string holding that mesh bag up, and he and the bag landed on the ground. Once he was on the ground with the bag, he chewed various parts of the bag, trying to get it open. Since it’s a simple drawstring bag, he managed to get it open at the top. And then he scattered half the damn bag of seed all over the ground, in and amongst the weird plants that are growing from the birdseed that’s already been dropped on the ground by messy birds. He sat and ate seed for a good five minutes or so. After a while, he climbed up and hung from one of the bird feeders that was almost empty of the usual sunflower seed mix. I tried to get a picture, but wasn’t quick enough. After, he sat on the outside windowsill and cleaned himself, then headed off for parts unknown. I have no idea where the cats were during all this. Probably hiding under the bed, all freaked out. * * * I went to the post office yesterday to mail some packages for Fred and also to finally mail out the giveaway stuff from last week, and this time I remembered to bring the camera with me. You have to look really close, but I promise you, that field is absolutely covered with morning glories. Really! At least I got a good picture of a butterfly. And speaking of butterflies, when I got home from THAT trip, I glanced at my butterfly bush and saw several butterflies partaking of nectar. I’m glad it decided to finally start blooming. (Is it just me who always thinks of Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally saying “I would be pleased to partake of your pecan piiiiiiiiiiiiie” when I hear, say, or read the word “partake”?) * * * Tell me that doesn’t look JUST like a mug shot (Fred looked at it and pronounced it “Poo-J”). Notice Miz Poo’s strong resemblance to Elvis? If that ain’t a sneer, I don’t know what is. You’d have a sneer, too, if someone took a huge chunk out of your lip for a biopsy, believe me. She still looks oddly chinless from when they shaved her chin to treat the acne, too. Poor Miz Poo. * * * I was out cleaning the trash out of my Jeep yesterday, when I noticed a couple of snails going at it on the driveway. I assume they were going at it, anyway. Do snails do it doggy style? Or do dogs do it snail style? A question for the ages, that. * * * Spanky with Slipper. Spanky feels the loooooove.]]>