this game. Damn those Fractious Timers for linking to it! I’ve gotten better since I first started playing it, but sometimes when I see all the words I missed getting, I want to throw myself eyeball-first onto a very sharp knife. Argh! Although Fred and I both do a lot better as a team than either of us does alone – last night, we got up to more than 27,000 points, which I think is pretty good. * * * Today makes the third day in a row that I’ve been out of bed before 7 am, which is just WRONG. I had to get up early Monday to help Fred out with the cats at the pet store, I got up early yesterday to follow Fred to Firestone to drop off my Jeep for new tires and a tune-up, and today I just couldn’t get back to sleep once I’d talked to Fred for a few minutes before he left. So I got up, changed the sheets on the bed, tossed the other sheets in the washer, vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned the litter box, exercised, took a shower, and made potato salad and coleslaw to have with dinner tonight. I think maybe I’m sick. I have to get up early tomorrow, too, since it’s my usual day for feeding and poop-scooping. I hope this whole getting-up-early thing doesn’t become a habit. I’d hate to become one of those psychos who rolls out of bed at 7 every morning, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. ::shudder:: * * * I am pee-my-pants excited about the fact that they’re building a Sam’s Club about three miles down the road from here. Once it’s built, I won’t have to drive all the way to the other side of Huntsville to buy my big-ass-sized packs of paper towels and splenda – in fact, it won’t be much further from home than Target is. Fred should probably just start having his paychecks made out directly to Sam’s Club, ’cause with it being so convenient, I’m sure my ass will be there, ALL the time. Whee! * * * Y’know, I think the whole Jennifer Lopez/ Ben Affleck is just a little too obvious. I don’t think they’re really in a relationship – I think that “relationship” is a cover for Ben and Matt Damon’s true love, or maybe Jennifer’s really back with Puff Diddly Daddly Doo and they’re keeping it mum because P. Diddle with the Fiddle is supposed to still be involved with Mother-of-his-child Kim Porter. It saddens me that I know the name of the mother of Puff Dorky’s kids without even having to double-check to be sure I’ve got it right. But I digress, kinda. I think that if the Jennifer Lopez/ Ben Affleck relationship is for real and they’re truly talking marriage, someone needs to slap the stupid out of Jennifer Lopez. Being on divorce #2 at the age of 32, you’d think she’d stop and think a minute before plunging into yet another marriage. But I don’t guess that introspection is the forte of that particular diva. I read in US Magazine the other day that Jennifer Lopez is wearing a $3.5 million ring these days. I had to stop and catch my breath, because THREE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS for a freakin’ piece of jewelry? I don’t care who you are, or how much money you have to throw away, that’s insanely idiotic. You could buy a country for that damn much money! Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just missing the love-of-jewelry gene, because to me anything more than a couple of thousand dollars on something you WEAR is nuts. I went to see Sweet Home Alabama with the spud at the beginning of the month, and the scene where Patrick Dempsey brings Reese Witherspoon into (I think) Tiffany’s, where he proposes to her and tells her she can have any ring in the place just left me cold. Big whoop. I can have a big-ass ring that I have to be nervous about wearing, lest I get mugged, or I hit my clumsy hand on something and the stone flies out? Big deal. Now, take me into a book store and tell me I can have anything I want, and you’ve got my heart. I’m such a geek.]]>