(He even sent me flowers. Yellow ones! Hands off, ladies. You try to touch him, you’ll be drawing back a nub.) * * * Last night, I was almost asleep when I felt the light touch of a mosquito on my chin. You know those really big goony ones, with the long gangly legs? It felt like one of those, and so I jerked out of my almost-sleep to slap at it, because I didn’t relish the idea of walking around with a huge mosquito bite welt on my chin. I opened my eyes a moment after I slapped at the mosquito, to find Miz Poo laying on the pillow next to me, her eyes large and dark with concern for my mental well-being. Which is when I realized that hadn’t been a mosquito. It had been one of her whiskers brushing my chin. See, I sleep on my side facing the pillow she sleeps on, sometimes hugging the pillow when she’s not laying there. She had, without my realizing it, climbed up on the pillow and gotten as close to my face as possible, because she loooooooves her momma. Lucky, I guess, that I hadn’t hurt her when I slapped at the mosquito/ whisker. This isn’t the first time she’s startled me out of a sleep recently, either. A few weeks ago I was almost asleep when she was overcome with love for me, and had to reach her paw out and rest it on my neck. I jerked awake, which startled her, and it took some serious petting and snuggling to calm her down. I love my Poo Pie, have I mentioned? * * * Fred and I were watching Everybody Loves Raymond the other night, and I noticed that Ray Romano has a startling resemblance to… well, see for yourself: Call me mean if you want, but you can’t possibly deny the resemblance. * * * Cancel that paragraph at the beginning of the entry about how much I love my husband. I just found out that we’re doing Thanksgiving at our house this year. Maybe he’s just trying to give me a Halloween scare?]]>