We’re getting a lot of doves on the feeders lately, and it’s funny as hell to see them try to sit their fat asses on the feeders and eat without falling off. Usually, they walk around on the ground and eat seed that’s fallen from the feeders. As I’ve told Fred, doves are the Tubbys of the bird world. Oh, how the kitties love to lay around the bedroom. Just like me! Spanky appears to be very deep in thought. Or possibly depressed. See that basket? That basket usually sits at the bottom of the stairs. I put dirty dish towels in it, and every so often I bring it upstairs to wash them, and set the basket in the corner until I go downstairs again. Tubby doesn’t often sit in that corner, but he likes to be ABLE to sit in that corner if he so wishes, so he knocked the basket over so that the corner was clear. Did he then sit in the corner he’d protected so viciously? NO. He was laying in the study, being a bitchy little bastard. “Mih. MIH. Mih.”]]>