Nance once again, but am sad to report that she declined.” I wouldn’t link to somone who annoys me or says something rude about me, because why would I send traffic to someone like that? If someone caused me to roll my eyes hard enough, though, I might link to them from Fred’s forum, since it gets a lot less traffic. And speaking of linking, why is it that any time I say something about Fred and link to his site, like such: “… after doing the laundry, I had sex on the kitchen floor with Fred once again. Floor continues to be TOO FUCKING COLD…” he gets a gazillion referrals? Who are y’all expecting to see on the other end of that link? Are you hoping that one of these days you’ll follow a link and find a nekkid picture of Fred? I guess you never know – it could happen. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. Fred won’t let me take nekkid pictures of him anymore, the bastard, since what happened the last time I did… Let me tell you about the saga of the box. Fred went out and bought some new sneakers last week, and was going to get rid of the boxes until I told him we should keep them just in case we needed them in the future. You just never know when you’re going to need a shoebox. So then… well, I think the story should be illustrated with pictures.

Sittin’ in the box. Sittin’ in the box. I’m Spanky, and I’m sittin’ in the box, yeah, baby. I’m Fancy, and I’m in the box. Fancy in the box, Fancy in the box. Minding my own business, I’m Fancy in the box. Miz Poo wants to know just who the holy hell Mr. Fancypants thinks he is, sitting in the box like that… Miz Poo sniff-searches Fancypants for illegal catnip. Fancypants gets riled and flounces off, leaving the box for a sneering Miz Poo. Which was her dastardly plan all along. Not to be outdone, once Miz Poo wanders off in search of food, Fancypants returns and reclaims the box.