here, although the entry ends before I start talking about Sunday. Because it was getting so long, I decided to end it and put Sunday in it’s own entry, if yaknowwhatImean. And there will be pictures in that entry. Pictures of the production team, pictures of cameras, but most importantly, pictures that Fred took of me with, I have to assume, the goal of making me look as hugely fat as possible. Bastard. I spent part of the morning – hell, most of the morning – cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator, because I know that with Fred’s sister making the gravy on Thanksgiving day, chances are good that she’ll poke her head in the refrigerator, and since neither Fred nor the spud are capable of moving the container of iced tea from one spot to another without randomly dumping big puddles of it all over the inside of the refrigerator (as well as the floor), I needed to clean the damn fridge. The floor can take care of itself. And proof of my cleaning:

They probably look just like any ol’ fridge or pantry to y’all, but those babies are cleaned and organized like they’ve never been before. The up side to cleaning and organizing the pantry is that you can (as long as the pantry stays cleaned and organized, that is) see where most everything is. I found two jars of Boar’s Head Mustard that I didn’t know we had, which is cool. I’d been wondering why we’d been going through them so quickly. Tomorrow, all I’ll need to do is some dusting and picking up (and maybe the hardwood floors), and then before I leave for the pet store on Thursday, I’ll vacuum, and voila! Clean house! (Clean enough, anyway) Big thanks today go to Say, who sent me some adorable smiley-face stickers in the mail and made me smile
and to reader Dawn, who sent me This Pen for Hire AND some smiley-face stickers!
If you think you can have too many smiley-face stickers, you are sadly mistaken. There’s no such thing! Thanks, Say and Dawn! I was going through my My Documents folder last night, looking to clear it out, when I came across a couple of old short stories I wrote years ago – probably 8 or more years ago. I’m going to look at them again, and if I think they’re worth it (even if they make me cringe ’cause they’re so bad), I may put them up in here. Unlike Fred, though, I won’t do the cliffhanger thing, because I’m nicer than he is. Stop laughing. I believe I’m going to go sit in front of the fire and wait for Dr. Phil to come on. That, or snooze.]]>