here. When we were making our grocery list Friday night, we put everything on the list that we were going to need for Thanksgiving. One of those items was a turkey, and I reminded Fred that he needed to get one bigger than the one he usually buys. “Yeah, I know,” he said, looking at me as if I were an idiot. It wasn’t until sometime Sunday that I realized he’d bought a 22 pound turkey. TWENTY-TWO POUNDS. That’s the size of Tubby! And at the most, we’re going to have 13 people. I don’t know the rules for choosing a turkey, but surely a pound a person is more than enough, especially considering that Fred’s sister is going to be bringing a ham. But Fred thought it was fine, and that we’d just freeze the leftover turkey. I had visions of eating turkey for the rest of my life, but Thanksgiving had been turned over to him and was his responsibility, so I let him deal with it. It was sometime last night, when we were laying in bed talking, that Fred said “So, are you going to put the turkey in the sink of water during the day tomorrow?” I said “Well, it takes 11 – 12 hours to thaw in water, and if it needs to cook in the roaster for 7 hours, if you want it to be done at noon, you need to start it at 5, so it needs to go into the water around 4 or 5.” Pause. Then I snorted. “But *I* am not going to do ANYTHING with the turkey, ’cause it’s not MY job!” We were silent as we thought about it. “You know,” I said. “I don’t think it’s going to fit in the sink.” In the end, Fred went to the store this morning and returned the turkey, getting a 12-pound turkey which was already thawed and fits nicely in the refrigerator. I had to run to the grocery store myself, because we decided to get some regular soda (we only have diet in the house) in case someone wants one. I bought a 12-pack of regular Coke and brought it home, which was weird. I don’t think we’ve had regular Coke in the house for about 2 1/2 years. It’s like having an ex-boyfriend in the house, while you’re cavorting and slurping on your current boyfriend.

The current squeeze.
Aaron-The-Bachelor was on Less Than Perfect last night, and man, he’s no actor, is he? Fred walked through the room while he (Aaron) was on the screen and said “He can’t act worth a shit, can he?” Damnit, Jim, he’s a Bachelor, not an actor! I was just relieved that we didn’t have to see Aaron pull the liver-lipped kiss or the dueling tongues thing on Claudia, because I saw plenty of that while his show was on the air, thank you. Man, have you looked at the top of your refrigerator lately? If not, go climb on a chair and check it out. If you’re not some kind of freak who cleans up there often, I bet it’s nasty as hell. The top of MY fridge was, since I haven’t cleaned up there ever, and we’ve lived here for more than a year now. It’s clean now. The parts I could reach, anyway. I managed to forget to tape The Osbournes last night. Luckily, it’s on again tonight. Whee! Y’all have a great Thanksgiving – if you’re in the US, anyway. If you’re in another country, you’ll just have to settle for having a happy Thursday. Thursdays only come around 52 times a year. Make the most of yours!]]>