blonde moments. Or rather, blonde twenty minutes! Any of you psychos out there who decided to venture out and do some shopping today, you have my sympathy. Now get off the damn computer and take a long, hot bath and then a nap. You’ve earned it. I keep wanting to use the phrase “Sweet crappin’ Jesus!”, and just haven’t determined the right moment to do so. Maybe in the middle of sex? Did y’all realize that Survivor was on on Wednesday night this week, not Thursday? And that it wasn’t a real show, but rather some NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE!, basically a recap of what happened each day? We watched it, but it wasn’t that fascinating. The thing with Ghandia acting like she was a model and posing for pictures was incredibly dorky, not to mention the fact that everyone called her “Diva.” Thank god it’ll be back for real next week! Did I mention that I sat down in front of the computer late last week and made a major dent in the list of Christmas presents we have to buy? Thank god for Amazon. My grandmother continues to be the hardest person to buy for, though I think we’re just going to send her a nice Christmas flower arrangement this year. We give out a LOT of gift certificates – especially to Fred’s niece and nephew, who are teenagers and know what they want better than we do – and my brother’s family. I would have not the slightest clue what to buy any of them, since I haven’t ever met my niece – she’s, I think, 10 now – and haven’t seen my nephew since he was 2, and he’s 15 now, so they get gift certificates as well. I’ve never met my brother’s wife, but rumor has it that she’s a big reader, so she and he are both getting Amazon gift certificates. I just thank god that Fred’s father and stepmother always tell us what they want, rather than making us guess. I don’t know what on earth we’d give them if we had to figure it out on our own! Since the flavored coffee Fred likes so much went over well at Thanksgiving dinner, I think we’re going to put a little basket together with some of the coffee and some cute mugs.

I said to Fred, “We should give them a basket with coffee and a couple of those mugs in it.” Then I paused and thought. “And maybe some biscotti.” Fred said “With that last sentence, you went from a cool idea to a pretentious, yuppie idea.” He clenched his teeth and said “Buffy! Would you care for some biscotti?” Heh. My sister continues to be the easiest person on earth to buy for, thank god. The theme for this year is bath stuff (and I think she’s returning the favor), and not only did I buy a bunch of Sarah Michaels stuff for her, but I think I’m also going to place an order with Lush. The problem with buying presents for her is not figuring out what to get her – it’s stopping before I spend $300 on her, and $50 on everyone else! Okay, I’m freezing my butt off, even though it’s a balmy 38 degrees outside (that cat door in the dining room lets in a lot more cold air than you’d think!), so I’m going to go turn the fire on and do a little cross-stitching. Have a great weekend!]]>