effect that bath oil has on my skin. I did mention that I have airhead tendencies, did I not? The night before Thanksgiving, I filled the tub with warm-verging-on-hot water, relaxed with my book, and tossed three bath oil beads in the water. When I was done with my bath, my skin was so very soft, and I smelled so very good that I patted myself on the back for buying the beads. Smart, wonderful, good-smelling me, I thought happily. The afternoon of Thanksgiving, after we’d eaten and everyone had left – including Fred and the spud, who were going to take leftovers to Fred’s mom – I hopped in the tub, dropped three bath beads in again, and happily read for half an hour or so. Saturday morning – yes, two days after I’d last used the bath oil beads – I noticed that my arms were itchy, my back was itchy, and it was particularly itchy behind my knees. Which is when I realized that there’d been – garsh! – BATH OIL in those beads, and my skin doesn’t like bath oil. Particularly CHEAP bath oil. I spent all weekend itching and cursing myself, believe you me.

* * *
Okay, maybe I didn’t spend ALL weekend sitting on the couch, scratching my itchy parts and cursing myself. In fact, I MAY have spent part of Saturday out with Fred, buying (drum-roll please), a new CHAIR for the COMPUTER room!:
(Fancypants, quilt, and pillow not included…)
The cats, who don’t generally adjust well to changes, sniffed around the chair a little, and then adopted it as their own. Fancypants, especially, likes it. When I want to sit down, I invariably have to move him or Spanky, or even Miz Poo. Actually, it bothers Miz Poo to see another cat in the chair. She was the first to sniff it over and nap on it, so she seems to be under the impression that it’s hers. We got this chair at the same place as the other one. It was a factory special, and we basically showed up, loaded it in the car, and left (after paying, but before we could be talked into springing for any of the expensive options they could offer us). Fred doesn’t care for the shade of blue, but when it came down to buying this chair or paying another $100 or more to get it covered with a different fabric, he decided he was flexible on the subject. Now I need to decide what we desperately need next…
* * *
Nance, being a woman of great taste and style, sent me a few items to contribute to my happy holidays. Could she have chosen any better? I think not!
My god, just looking at those pictures makes me giggle like a goon. How did she know I like smiley faces, though? It’s a mystery!]]>