* * * When I was done at the pet store this morning, I walked around the store and picked up a few presents for our kitties. After leaving there, I went to Target to pick up a list of things, and to kill time while waiting for the mall to open. I’d been planning all week long to hit the party store and mall today and finish up my Christmas shopping. But is Christmas shopping ever really done? Anyway, I hit Target, and about halfway through my visit there, I started feeling sleepy. I thought about going into the Christmas section and laying down under one of the trees for a nap, but decided against it. I finished up my shopping, and bought a Diet Coke (for the caffeine) and a pack of M&Ms (for the sugar), and once I was back out in the Jeep, I ate and slurped, and almost immediately felt better. After Target, I hit Michael’s (and spent the aforementioned long, long time in the scrapbooking aisle), then went over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (for new bath mats, because the spud’s was getting gross, and so was the one in the master bath). Upon leaving Bed, Bath and Beyond, I called Fred from the parking lot. He asked me last night if I had any suggestions for something he could buy for the spud to give me for Christmas, and I’d spotted something. I left the Target/ Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot, and headed for the party store. The party store is a great place to pick up stocking stuffers, and I think that, aside from my dad, I’m all done with buying stocking stuffers for the year. And then? What did I do then? Oh, like an idiot, I left the party store and went to the mall. Yes, a week before Christmas, and I hauled my ass to the mall. Could I be any dumber, could I, huh? I think not! But it actually wasn’t, aside from the parking, all that bad. I bought a few things at the Hallmark store, and then headed to Dillard’s. See, we’re all doing stockings for each other this year, and I thought that a very small box of Godiva chocolates for each person would be cool. Don’t you wish I were stuffing YOUR stocking? So I found the display of Godiva chocolates, and I was disgusted. Chocolate coins, seven dollars? Fuck THAT. I was on my way out of the store, stomping my weary feet with disgust, when I saw another display with tiny boxes at a much, MUCH better price. Score! So everyone’s getting a (yes, one!) Godiva chocolate in their stocking this year. Because I rock. By the time I got back out to the parking lot, I had walked my poor, aching feet down to nubs, and all I wanted was to get my ass home and eat lunch. So I picked lunch up at Wendy’s, and home I am. Where I intend to stay for the rest of the day, resting my weary self. And tomorrow? Tomorrow, I get to go do the kitties again (which will be the bright point of my day!), then I’ll be coming home to scrub the floors, make sure the guest bedroom is up to Bitchy Code, and going around with the Swiffer to gather a million, trillion cobwebs from all corners of the house. If it’s not raining, I’ll run to Lowe’s to buy some mulch for the daffodil bed, and chop down some weeds. In and amongst all this, I will make chicken curry (which I’ve never made before – I hope it’s good!), and possibly wash some windows. Envy me.]]>