The vet’s office called the other day to let us know that it was time for her to go back for a re-check of her puffy, deformed lip, and another shot of steroids. I made the appointment for this morning so I could take her, because Fred’s been taking the cats to the vet a lot lately, and I thought I’d give him a break. And since Miz Poo is one of the few cats (Fancypants being the other) that I can actually get into the carrier box, all the better. I got the carrier box out and left it on the bedroom floor about half an hour before we needed to leave. Spanky took one look at it and ran like hell down the stairs and out into the back yard, where he crouched behind the tree for quite some time. Miz Poo sniffed at it, then went and took a nap. I went and took my shower, got ready to go (I had already been out earlier, of course, to feed the kitties at the pet store, but I didn’t shower before I went out, because I come home with my hair smelling like stinky litter boxes), and then went over to pet Miz Poo. She looked up at me, her eyes full of love, and chirped. I picked her up, and she rubbed her head against my cheek and purred some more. When we approached the carrier box, she made a little whining noise in the back of her throat, but before she was fully aware of what was going on, I’d popped her in the box and shut the lid. Because I’m just that good. We were at the vet’s office less than ten minutes later, and spent maybe ten minutes talking to the vet, having Miz Poo’s temperature taken (it was normal. Unlike Miz Poo), and had her weighed (10 1/4 pounds. Which makes her less than half the size of Tubby, if you’re wondering). The vet said her lip was doing better (did I ever tell y’all that it was definitely not cancerous? It’s an ulcer, caused by her licking at it too much), popped her with some steroids, said he wanted to see her in another 60 days, and we were on our way home. Ever since we got home, she’s been needing the love, purring and rubbing on me, jumping up on the desk to lay down in front of me, jumping up on my lap to rub on me, bringing me her toys and looking expectantly at me (when I toss the toy in the other room for her to chase, she looks at the toy, then looks at me, and then just sits there, as if to say “What the hell was THAT all about?”). It appears that she’s not holding a grudge, in any case.

* * *
So while I was out shopping yesterday, I called Fred from the parking lot of Bed, Bath, and Beyond, to tell him I’d spotted something he could buy for the spud to give me for Christmas (don’t give me that look – he’d been asking for ideas). It was a fountain like this one. “And it’s where?” he asked. “Bed, Bath and Beyond, in the Target shopping center,” I said. “It’s in the front window.” He made a mental note, and then I went about my business. Later that afternoon, he called me from his cell phone. “Where the hell did you say that fountain is?” he asked, sounding harried. “Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Why?” I said. It appears that he’d gotten it into his head that I’d been calling him from the mall, and he’d wandered into Bath and Body Works and asked the salesclerk there where their fountains might be. Hee! According to the salesclerk, that happens ALL the time.
* * *
I made an unusual Thursday run to the post office today, because I had a bunch of cards to mail, and (I think I’ve mentioned), I don’t mail stuff from my mailbox anymore, because too much stuff’s been getting lost in the mail. Imagine my surprise when I checked to see if I had any mail! In no particular order, I received: From the wonderful Joley, who has somehow gleaned my love of smiley stuff…
and my love of kitties! Whoo! From an anonymous reader, not only a 9 Chickweed Lane Clock (see the cat pose at 1:00? That’s Fancypants, right there)… But also a 9 Chickweed Lane t-shirt, with this on the front. Hee! Anonymous reader, if you’d contact me so I can thank you properly, I’d appreciate it! From Say, a knit mouse cat-toy, made with her veryown hands! I took it directly to Fancypants, who sniffed it carefully… And then immediately acted like he was on a catnip high, flopping down to stare at the wall. Later, Miz Poo claimed it, and carried it off to the library, where she spent some time batting it around.
This stuff I didn’t receive from any readers, but bought yesterday while I was out shopping. I know, you’re not supposed to buy stuff for yourself when you’re Christmas shopping, but a girl can only be so strong!
Remind you of anyone? Not a very good picture, but I had to plug the camera in to recharge, and it can only zoom so far. I bought this Santa at Dillards to put by the fireplace, so I could toss the cheap angels we’ve been using for the past few years, and which were slowly losing their body parts. If Dillards has a decent after-Christmas sale, I may go back for a different one for the other side of the fireplace. Gotta keep it balanced, y’know.
Man, it’s looking nasty outside. I hope we don’t blow away before I get a chance to wear my new shirt and tell time on the new clock, and put up my new calendar, and spend some time admiring my new Quarry Cat, and toss the mouse across the room for the cats to play with! ‘Cause that would, like, suck. (Confidential to reader Pat, who bribed me with happy face stickers: The recipe will be up in the next few days)]]>