A Day in the Life of Spot J. And3rson 8 am. Hiding from everyone under the bed. 9 am. Hanging out on top of the bed. 10 am. Bathtime. 12 noon. Time for lunch! 1 pm. Zzzzzz…. 2:30 pm. Hanging out in the junk box. Looks mighty comfy, no? 3:30 pm. After a quick trip outside and the discovery that it’s TOO DAMN COLD out there, heads back upstairs. 4 pm. ::Snore:: 5 pm. If you wait long enough, the sun rays come to you… 7 pm. Hanging out in the living room, keeping a wary eye on everyone else. 8 pm. Back on the bed, wondering how many times he’s going to see that flash today. 9 pm. Partaking of some organic catnip (aka Kitty Pot). 10 pm. Still a tad high. Trying to decide if Fancypants needs some lovin’, or an ass-kickin’.]]>