* * * So, we watched The Golden Globes last night. Was it the Golden Globes? It wasn’t the Emmys, and it wasn’t the Oscars, so I think it was the Golden Globes. You know, the one with the categories like “Best Actress in a Comedy, Drama, or Action, Between the Ages of 16 and 44, Blondes Only.” Here’s the thing with award shows. Most of the time, there’s a celeb or two that you look at and shake your head, and say “Oh, that was an unfortunate choice”. Of course, that’s just your opinion, and sometimes it’s shared by many people, and sometimes everyone else thinks they looked great. And then, my friends. And then there are the celebs who come out, and you say “Holy crap. Someone dared them to wear that! That HAD to be a dare!” I present to you the star I said that about last night (and I’m sure you won’t be surprised at ALL):

Come on. SURELY someone dared her to wear that, don’t you think? And doesn’t she bear a striking resemblance to Susan Lucci? It’s Lara Flynn Boyle, in case you can’t tell. The wins Fred and I were most excited about? The ones for The Shield, of course. Every time we watch that show, we say “It’s SUCH a damn show!” And it is.
* * *
While we were watching the show, we started talking about Daniel Day Lewis. Fred doesn’t care for him, and in fact hasn’t seen any of his movies. “Not even the indian movie? What was it, Dances with Wolves?” “The Last of the Mohicans,” he corrected me. “No, I’ve never seen that.” I pondered for a moment. “What was the name of that movie he did, the first one I heard of him in? My Left Foot?” “No,” Fred announced with certainty. “That was My Two Left Feet.” I fell on the floor, I was laughing so hard. Sure that he was right, he went into the computer room to look on imdb.com, and came back, smiling. “It is My Left Foot,” he said with surprise. “I thought it was about some crippled guy in a wheelchair, and it was My Two Left Feet, because he couldn’t walk…” That just set me off into a fresh gale of laughter, and it was some time before I could get myself under control again. “It’s ABOUT a guy with cerebral palsy, who can only control his left foot,” I told him. “My Left Foot is a heart-warming drama. My Two Left Feet would be a comedy!” For the rest of the evening, every time I thought of My Two Left Feet, I laughed my ass off. Memories like that only come around so often, y’know.
* * *
This is what Fancypants does when Fred gets out the catnip. He swishes back and forth, then starts stretching alluringly. We took this really big Amazon box, cut a hole in it, and stuck a cat pillow in there. After a few weeks, the only one who really hangs out in there is Spanky, but he sure looks happy, doesn’t he? Spanky always looks like he has the hardest time waking up. Tubby, right before he started meowing bitchily at me. Miz Poo, guarding the top of the stairs. Spanky looks like he just melted off that pillow, doesn’t he?