* * * Thanks this morning go to Athena, who sent me the first season of The Shield on DVD for my birthday! I cannot wait to start watching it, because we missed about half the season, and there are things they occasionally refer to that we don’t get. Every single time we watch the show, we’re blown away. Last night, I said “I think my second favorite character is -” “Teeth?” Fred guessed. We couldn’t remember his name during the first season, so started referring to him as “Teeth”. For obvious reasons. “No,” I said. “Dutch. He’s such a sweetheart. If I had a crime that needed to be solved, I’d want Dutch on the case.” Fred agreed. Thanks this morning (although now it’s actually afternoon. I bet you never guessed that I don’t sit down and write my entries all at once, huh?) to Jolene, who sent me Great Big Beautiful Doll for my birthday. That’s right, I had a book about Anna Nicole Smith on my wish list. After looking through the pictures in the book, I am anticipating a HUGE cheesefest, and I’m definitely looking forward to it. And last (though certainly not least), thanks go to reader Micki in SC, who sent me some stuff from the college where she works – post-its and magnets and bookmarks, oh my! She also sent three yellow balls, which are cute as hell, but which the cats claimed for themselves, so I can’t show you a picture of them. But I will reclaim them one of these days, yes I will, for they are MINE. Thanks, Micki! Speaking of gifts, these days I’m having a battle of wills with the Tubbyman, who is bound and determined to lay his ass on the afghan Nance knitted (knat?) for me. And is he interested in laying on the part where his white hair would blend in with the yellow? Of course not. No, he MUST lay on the blue part, so that you can see the pile of shedded (shad?) hair he leaves behind. Little bastard.

* * *
No FAQ questions today. I frittered away the morning cleaning the (nasty as hell) kitchen floor and dusting and the like, and Dr. Phil is about to come on, so I’m going to put this entry up and call it good enough. But fret not. I’ll get to all the FAQ questions sooner or later, I promise!]]>