P.S. … For Robin, The supermarkets have candy and tabloid free lanes. How about a fn cat free entry? Again, nothin but love. I thought about copying the big, boxed disclaimer on my front page and reprinting it here, like such: Disclaimer: Before reading this web site, please be aware of two important things: 1. I write about my cats a LOT, and 2. I swear like a sailor when the mood strikes me. If either of these things bother you, I’d like to suggest that you read someone else’s journal – there are thousands of them out there – rather than email me and demand that I change my ways. In the event that you feel you MUST email me and demand that I clean up my language and only write about things that interest you, please know that I will most likely tell you to go fuck yourself. In like manner, if you whine about the fact that I write too much about my cats (or swear too much) in a public forum that I will eventually stumble across, I would also like to take this opportunity to suggest that you go fuck yourself. Thankssomuch. And then I thought about saying “Loyal reader Lisa, if you can’t be bothered to spell my name correctly, I would do as you ask why, precisely?” But, that would be childish. I really am, all in all, an easygoing sort who will from time to time bend over backwards to make readers happy. Let’s see whether or not I can give Lisa what she wants!

* * *
A Day in the Life of Tubby (A pictorial)
Sitting by the garage door, waiting for some food to wander by. Snoozing. He may not fit comfortably in the top of that thing, but damnit, he’ll sleep there anyway! Waiting in vain for some food to flutter by. Because he’s not all big and obvious sitting under those bird feeders or anything… Getting a belly rub from the daddy. Hunting down that weird red dot that just appears out of nowhere. Almost got it! But it disappeared at the last second, damnit. Well, fuck the laser. I’ll just soften up this pillow for a nice, long nap. It’s been such an exhausting day, and it’s only noon! Or maybe I’ll just scoot over to the kitty condo, and lay there and stare at the daddy with luhhhv in my eyes. I haven’t shed fur on nearly enough things today, so I’ll snooze on Mom’s cool afghan. And she won’t notice that it’s covered with hair until she pulls it over her. I have to keep an eye on that evil Miz Poo, who sits by the bathroom door and hisses at me if I try to go get some food. And back to the kitty condo for the night!