A Day in the life of Miz Poo (A pictorial) Laying on the pillow on The Momma’s bed. That pillow is there just especially for Miz Poo, who is a spoiled rotten brat. But you knew that. And now laying sulkily on the bed on the other side of the pillow, because The (mean bitch of a) Momma was reading and not petting. Hmph. Taking a bath with The Daddy, and thinking about cracking open that Stephen King book. Apparently a tad freaked out at the idea. Sitting on a pillow on The Momma’s lap, so she can’t cross-stitch or read or do ANYTHING but pet me. So there! “Do I want to go get something to eat, or just sit here so The Momma can’t put her arm here? Decisions, decisions…” Chewing on the cord to the blinds, while looking for birds. Time to hide under the couch so The Daddy can’t shove something down her throat! “If I sit by the fence, the birds won’t notice me, and I can catch and eat one of them…” All the bird-watching is apparently quite tiring. Surfing the web with The Momma (who looks quite lovely with her nose squished like that, no?) and trying to reach the mouse with her short, stubby little front legs. Settling down by the fire – and yet, not looking terribly pleased about it. Trying to decide whether or not to deal a final smack upside the head of one Tubster J. And3rson before bedtime.]]>