Mary Ellen‘s mom), who sent me a bunch of doctor’s office pens, pads o’ paper, and some really cool paper clips. I love that stuff like you wouldn’t believe. Obviously, I should get me a job at a doctor’s office. Except, I don’t need to, because Gail rocks!) Thanks also to reader Sandy in Florida, who was recently on vacation in San Francisco, and visited the Lush store there. Knowing my love of Lush, she bought me a BUNCH of stuff, and sent it to me. Why? Because she rocks, of course! 🙂 As an aside, I highly encourage thinking to yourself “What, oh WHAT can I buy for Robyn?” when you’re on vacation! (And as another aside, you know I’m kidding, right?)

* * *
A Day in the Life of Spanky (A pictorial)
Shnoozing in his favorite chair, getting fur all over his momma’s favorite blanket. Time for a bath! And time for more snoozing… After being kicked off the chair by his mother – that bitch – he licks his wounded, uh, pride. And contemplates how much he hates his momma. You can’t see it, but Miz Poo’s sitting on the side of the tub looking down at Spanky. He’s trying to decide whether it’s safe to eat, or if Miz Poo will descend upon him with her Smack o’ Doom. Places to go, people to see, things to do! Back on the chair. Nice of momma to fold that quilt up for Spanky, isn’t it? “Do I want to go hide out in my “house” or not? Hmmm…” There are actually days when Spanky hangs out in that box all day long. Or at least until he leaves to eat or use the litter box, and Fancypants steals his spot. Back on the chair once again. This sleepy “what the hell?” look is my favorite Spanky expression. You can tell (if you click on the picture to see the full-sized version) that he’s holding his paw up as if he can’t decide whether he wants to clean it or go back to sleep.]]>