A Day in the Life of Mr. Fancypants (A pictorial) Snoozing on the cat pillow on the bed in the master bedroom. This is actually unusual – he doesn’t lay there very often, it’s usually Spot’s spot. Moving from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom. And being joined by Spot a while later. I think it was a good idea to stick a couple of pillows under the sheet, because all the cats seem to like sleeping on them from time to time. “Do I want to flop in front of the fire, or go find some birds to kill?” Pissed, because the birds are too fast for him this time of year. It’s raining out, so Mr. Fancypants will flop down next to Spanky (who looks quite pleased, doesn’t he?) and snooze for a while. Still raining out. Poor, depressed Fancypants. He loves to go outside, but hates to get his toes wet. Sitting in the computer room, seeing if there are any old, sick birds in the front yard. Giving his daddy looks o’ love.]]>