Update 1:00 pm: I talked to the vet, and Miz Poo will be fine. He didn’t find any string in her intestines, though – what he found was a partial blockage at the top of her colon, where the intestines dump into the colon. There was a lot of fur and “matter”, and apparently the appendix (which isn’t called the appendix in cats, but it’s much the same) was impacted, so he did a partial appendectomy and removed all the hair and stuff, and he feels that she’ll be fine. He thinks that the pain of that partial blockage may be what was making her vomit, and she’s got a long incision that will be tender for a while, but he’s pretty sure she’ll be okay. They’re keeping her overnight, and I have to call in the morning to see if I can pick her up. I am SO relieved, y’all! Thanks for all your kind emails and thoughts – I really appreciate them all!]]>