You can’t really tell when she’s laying down, but she’s visibly smaller. Getting some love from the Momma, and wondering what the hell the Daddy is doing (and yes. My thighs look huge from this angle, I’m aware, so you just shaddup). I swear to you she wasn’t in pain when I was holding her up like this. She was purring her ass off – I think she rather liked it. Poor Poo with the shaved belly and the belly full of staples. My poor baby! (And in THIS picture, not only do I have huge thighs and porky fingers, but my leg looks like it’s 6 inches long, max. You want me, admit it.) I got up shortly after Fred left for work this morning, did a few chores around the house, and then headed out to the garage to ride the Ass Master for an hour. I came back into the house after, did a few more chores, checked on the spud (who is still feeling under the weather), and took my shower. I was standing in the bathroom combing my hair when the phone rang. I saw by the caller id that it was the vet’s office, so naturally I picked it up. They told me that Miz Poo (only they call her “Scrappy”, of course) was ready to come home. I dressed quickly and raced to the office, which is only about 3 minutes away. They brought her out while I was writing a check so large it was painful to actually write the numbers ($778, on top of the $300 we had to pay for the emergency room visit on Sunday. Ouch. Thankyajesus for the emergency fund we have stashed away for just such an occasion.). The instant she saw me through the holes in the carrier box, she started howling and howled all the way home. I brought her inside and upstairs before letting her out of the box. I didn’t know if she was in a lot of pain or not, and I didn’t want her to have to climb the stairs if she wanted food or the litter box. I opened the top of the carrier box, and she hopped out, meowing and chirping and purring all at once. She rubbed up against my legs, and I sat down on the floor with her. She crawled between my legs and flopped down, showing me her poor little belly. After ten or fifteen minutes of being petted and told how much she’d been missed, she seemed to suddenly realize “Wait a minute. You took me to that place! You evil bitch!”, and she went into the kitty condo, gave me a look o’ hatred, and settled down for a nap. I folded some laundry, put it away, and cleaned the garage, all the while keeping an eye on her. She continued sleeping, every now and then coming out to stretch and then go back in. Some time later, I was out back filling the bird feeders. It’s a gorgeous day outside, so I left the back door open to let a breeze in, and I looked up to see her coming out the door. She meowed at me, let me pet her a little, and then rolled around in the sun. For the rest of the afternoon, she alternated asking for love and hiding under the couch to sleep. At the moment, she’s upstairs sleeping in a patch of sunlight. She’s had a lot of water, some food, and used the litter box at least once. Lord but it’s nice to have her home! (I promise, entries will go back to normal tomorrow.)]]>