* * * Fred and I were sitting on the couch last night watching TV – Animal Cops, if you must know, and that is one damn difficult show to watch sometimes, especially last week when they had a mother dog and her puppies, and some of the puppies had died. Anyway. We were sitting on the couch watching TV, and reading magazines while we were doing so, and I flipped past an article-type thing entitled “On the Minds of Men” with comments from men under different sections – one section was called “How does your home life compare with what you thought it would be like?” I scanned the comments from men, and then I turned to Fred. “How does your home life compare with what you thought it would be like?” I asked, because I was curious, and also because I know that men tend to hate questions like that. He gave me a fake smile and said “It’s everything I ever dreamed it would be” then turned back to his own magazine. “Don’t be an ass,” I said. “How does it compare?” “Oh, Bessie,” he said irritably. “Don’t start with your crappy woman’s magazine shit! You know men don’t really think about that kind of stuff!” With great pleasure, I held the front of the magazine up so that he could see the cover… The best part? He’d already read the magazine.

* * *
I recently finished Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, and liked it so much that I went to Amazon to see what else she’d written. There was another book in the same series, so I added it to my wish list, and then I discovered that she’d also written Shakespeare’s Landlord, which I’d added to my wish list a few weeks ago on the strength of Marcia‘s endorsement – if someone whose journal I read likes a certain book or series of books, I tend to give them a shot. And for me, giving them a shot means putting them on the wish list and having someone buy it for me for my birthday or Christmas, or waiting until we have some unexpected extra money come in so that Fred and I can buy stuff off our wish lists (what else is disposable income for, I ask you?). And then, because I’m a spoiled rotten American (stupid, too!) instead of keeping the book once I’ve read it, I give it away on the giveaway page so that someone else can enjoy it. I know I should just haul my ass to the library, but I have a zillion books on the bookcase in my bedroom waiting to be read, and I somehow doubt that the library would take kindly to me checking out one of their books and keeping it for months and months until I get around to reading it. It’s just easier this way, and god knows that’s what it’s all about, making it easy for me. As soon as you all accept that, the better off you’ll be.]]>