an entry that pretty much describes my reaction to Bullshit! Having seen myself on the big screen (why must we have a big screen TV? Why?), I will say only this: Now I know why, when the camera and sound guy were setting up and I chirped “Oh, is this the camera that’s going to make me look like Ashley Judd?”, everyone laughed so hard.

* * *
I actually – are you ready for this? – left the house yesterday! It’s a truly amazing thing, I know, but it does happen every once in a blue moon. The spud and I left the house a little after noon, went to the grocery store (I needed fruit), Staples (padded envelopes for mailing tapes), the pet store (wild bird seed, and I picked up a fuzzy bed for the cats
because god knows they don’t have enough beds strewn throughout the house to sleep on), Target (a covered trash can to keep the 60 pounds of bird seed in) and then stopped at Kohl’s because the spud wants platform-type shoes that look like this, only not quite so high.
Short boots are okay too, she informs me, but she only wants them in black, no brown. There were short boots similar to the shoes above at Kohl’s, but she didn’t like how high they were – too bad, because they were 80% off! – and so I guess we’ll be looking for them another day. I left the house on a Sunday for an hour and a half, and the earth didn’t crack open. Whaddya know about that.
* * *
I just finished Every Breath You Take, by Ann Rule. In fact I stayed up until 1 to finish it, and of course had a dream that I was getting the death penalty. I like Ann Rule books for the most part, but what I don’t like is the fact that she always tells you not only what their childhood was like, but also what their parents’ childhood was like, and in some cases, what their grandparents’ childhood was like, and it can get a tad confusing.
* * *
Spot, randomly hanging out on the mantel for no apparent reason. Miz Poo, looking like Kilroy. That’s the spud’s leg she’s peeking over, as you can see in the picture below. And some Poo porn for Frankie! Look at that belly… Miz Poo was laying on the couch hanging out the other night, and Fred pushed her back to look at her stomach. Miz Poo, being the obliging sort, just stayed there in case anyone else wanted to get an eyefull. Poor Miz Poo and her nekkid belly! It’s amazing how slowly cat fur grows, isn’t it? With all the shedding they do, you’d think it grew at a rate of an inch a minute. Don’t they look like such nice boys? Two minutes before I took this picture, they were smacking the shit out of each other.