Every time Madonna opens her self-important mouth these days, she just annoys the shit out of me. I liked her better back in the “Like a Virgin” days when she was at least aware of the fact that she was an attention whore, which she still is, but somehow seems to have since forgotten. See, it was just fine when she was burning crosses and making out with the Jesus statue in the Pepsi commercial or writhing around masturbating in a wedding dress, or fellating a wine bottle in her own personal “Look at me! I’m the center of the universe!” movie back in the day, but now that she’s 120 years old and talking with an accent so fake it makes Franck Eggelhoffer cry, she’s all concerned about the state of the world. Please. Or maybe she’s jealous. Wouldn’t surprise me. She’s so scary looking these days that the hordes who used to run screaming toward her are now screaming and running in the other direction.

I really like the Jennifer Lopez/ LL Cool J song “All I Have.” My favorite part of it is when she sings “All my pride is all I have” and he busts in, all condescending-like, with “Pride is what you HAD baby girl, I’m what you HAVE”. Because of course, when you’ve got LL Cool J, who needs pride, right? Heh. In a house with a 35 year-old man and a 14 year-old girl, who’d’ve thought I’d be the one who likes Jennifer Lopez? (The whole “J. Lo” thing is goofy as hell, though.)
Using the Movable Type screen to write this entry has me all confused, since I’ve been using Dreamweaver for at least 2 1/2 years, and HoTMetaL Pro before that. It’ll take some getting used to, I s’pose.
I tried an experiment yesterday. I took a rather large book down off a bookcase in the library and put it on the floor, to see how long it would take a cat to land on it. Literally less than 10 seconds later, with no coaxing whatsoever, Miz Poo had settled in.
Something on the floor?…
(There’s a plastic bag underneath Spanky, if you can’t tell)
Pet store kitties are here.
Why have no hummingbirds discovered the hummingbird feeder yet? Whyyyy? All I want is to see the occasional bitty little hummingbird flitting about. Is that so much to ask?
I got a call from Delta a few days ago, letting me know that the spud’s flight from California to Rhode Island in June has been changed around so that she won’t have a long layover in Atlanta. Instead of sitting around for 2 1/2 hours between flights, she’ll have less than an hour. Of course, now I’ve stopped worrying that some skanky perv will decide to pay attention to her, and started worrying that she’ll miss her flight from Atlanta to Rhode Island. Gah.]]>