Three. At least this one didn’t actually make it into the house, although if Fred hadn’t gotten back from his run this morning and stepped into the back yard to see that Tubby had this guy cornered, I’m fairly certain that it would have ended up in or near the master bedroom in a show of love on Tubby’s part. It’s interesting that Tubby’s the culprit rather than Fancypants. Thinking about it, it really makes sense that it would be Tubby, because as much as Fancypants thinks he’s a badass, deep down he’s a big wimp. He’ll hiss and growl when he sees a strange cat, but if the cat comes toward him, he runs and hides. Tubby, on the other hand, really is a badass. A while back when a strange neighborhood cat actually came in through the cat door, it was Tubby who kicked it’s ass and chased it out, while the other cats were hiding upstairs. He’s a badass motherfucker, that’s right. (Yes, I’ve used that picture before. But it’s such a good one I’m using it again!)

Did you know that if you order books on Amazon, and part of that order are used books, they’ll put each used book through as a separate charge? Because I don’t have enough trouble balancing the checking account each and every month – now I have to deal with 145,000 small charges from Amazon. Fuckers. I have to say that I’m mighty glad that I can look at my checking account online whenever I want. My credit union RAWKS, man!
I meant to mention, in the midst of all my spazzing about the spud flying to California by herself, that she’s actually done it before. When she was 10, or thereabouts, she flew from here to Rhode Island to spend a week with her father for Christmas. And I know she’ll be fine, but it’s a mother’s prerogative to worry, y’know?
Miz Poo loves to be held and snuggled and cuddled and loved. But sometimes all that love is too intense for her and she starts biting – literally – the hand that loves her, snarling and growling while she does so. It’s funny as hell, because it’s about the least threatening thing ever, and I encourage the behavior, sad to say. Yesterday, she got into one of those moods while I had the camera close at hand. I am going to BITE your fingers OFF your hand, and then I’m going to play with them, bitch! I love that damn cat. Have I mentioned?
1. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Crest, usually. I think we’re using Crest Rejuvenating at the moment, though it could be another brand. 2. What brand of toilet paper do you prefer? Scott Tissue, always. Fred used to use Charmin, which I hate, because it’s too soft. He’s come around to my way of thinking over the past 7 years. It ticks me off that Sam’s doesn’t carry Scott Tissue, though. One of my fears is running out of toilet paper, perhaps because it seemed to happen so often when I was a kid. (I could be wrong, though – it may have been just one isolated incident that has scarred me for life.) 3. What brand(s) of shoes do you wear? New Balance – I assume we’re talking about sneakers. I used to wear Nike Air Prestos, but since I need to wear a heel cup in my sneakers, the Nikes hit the top of my foot in an uncomfortable way. 4. What brand of soda do you drink? Diet Coke, always. 5. What brand of gum do you chew? Trident White, in wintergreen. We all chew it, and we go through it pretty damn fast. Which is why I buy it in bulk at Sam’s.
Y’all have a great weekend – stay safe and drive careful. I want to see you back here on Tuesday, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!]]>