Did I mention that Tuesday was a very good mail day for me? Candles from the awesome Peg – Strawberry Cheesecake and Supreme Irish Creme. I burned the Strawberry Cheesecake for a little while last night, and it was AWESOME. A T-shirt that the wonderful Adrith saw when she was in Washington, DC. For some reason, it made her think of me. Can’t imagine why. And last, but certainly not least, a cool love letter from Mo‘s Frankie to Miz Poo. (A note to Mo: Miz Poo says that a reply will be forthcoming, but Frankie shouldn’t beat himself up. She completely understands.) (Note to readers: That card, by the way, is a Tickelope, if you’re interested.) Ah, me. I do love the mail.

Pet store kitties pictures are here.
The spud and I have begun the long, laborious process of packing her suitcases (two, of course. And they’re both huge.) in preparation for her trip to Californ-I-A. The difficult thing is that I really don’t know how much to pack. I ended up packing all of her jeans (except what’s in the wash right now), about ten of her favorite shirts, all of her underwear and bras (which you can never have too much of), three pairs of pajamas, and several pairs of shorts. And all three (!) of her bathing suits. And 4 pair of shoes. And pads in case she has her period, razors and shaving gel, earrings, her flute, pictures, her yearbook. The main part of the packing is done, I guess, except for what’s in the wash. I figure if we forget anything, she’s going to be in California for 3 weeks, and I can just send it out there. I also figure that she’s 14 years old. What aside from her glasses and clothes does she need that they don’t have out there?
Speaking of the spud, she’s been getting a bit of the teenage princess attitude the last few days. Fred finally had to speak to her last night after she did the bitchy (implied) “GodDAMN you people are stupid. Why do I bother to speak to you?” sigh, rolling of the eyes, and flouncing up the stairs. Today, she’s back to her usual sweet self.
Honest to god, I have no idea why this picture makes me laugh so hard. Maybe it’s the “I’m suddenly very annoyed, and I don’t know why.” look on Miz Poo’s face. Maybe it’s the way it looks like we grafted a miniature Fancypants head to the middle of Miz Poo’s back. Whatever it is, I can’t look at the picture without giggling like a dork. The Fanciest thang for miles around.]]>