his journal. The funny parts of yesterday: 1. We left the house about five minutes early so we could swing by McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin and Diet Coke for me. After driving out of our subdivision, Fred took a left. “Did you check the forum this morning?” I asked. At the same moment, I saw a McDonald’s bag that had been tossed onto someone’s front lawn, debris scattered for several feet. “No,” Fred said. “How RUDE,” I said about the person who’d tossed the trash out their car window. “I checked my MAIL!” Fred said indignantly, taking offense at my attack on his character, and then added “There was none. Obviously my readers don’t love me.” It took me a moment to realize why he was so indignant, and then I laughed for a good several minutes. So did he once I’d explained it to him. 2. Dr. B came into the pre-op room where Fred was laying. After talking for a few minutes and drawing lines on Fred’s chest with a marker, he got to talking about weight lifting. Fred bragged about how he’d lifted 63,000 pounds that morning, and Dr. B shook his head admiringly. “Do you hit the weights that hard, too?” he asked me. I nodded. “Well, I can’t lift as much as he does, but I lift weights that are heavy for me.” Dr. B began talking about a conference he’d attended, where he’d learned that having your hormones – estrogen, progesterone, testosterone – out of whack could make it more difficult to lose weight, and that I should set up an appointment to have my hormone levels checked. We chatted about that for a few minutes, and then he left to go do his thing. Five minutes later, it hit me. I turned to Fred and said “I should have looked all offended and said ‘Are you implying that I’m fat, Dr. B?!'” Fred appreciated that.

Today, Fred’s been pretty much fine. His jaw hurts, and his throat hurts, and his back hurts, and if he moves like that, his neck hurts (and so he makes a point of moving like that as often as possible, so he can whine about it). We watched About Schmidt this morning (amazing movie. Jack is so very un-Jack-like, and if I’ve got Kathy Bates’s body when I’m her age, I’m going to count myself lucky). This afternoon, Fred asked me to drag the recliner into the living room, where he positioned it in the middle of the floor, freaking out the cats. He brought the Fanny Lifter in from the garage and placed it next to the chair, and then put all four (!) of the remote controls on it, as well as a cup of tea, and settled in. He finally decided that he was in enough pain to take one of the Oxycodone Dr. B had prescribed, and then snoozed on and off while I watched Far From Heaven (I liked it. Not loved it, but liked it.). After napping on and off for most of the afternoon, he felt better, and actually went out to the movie store to rent some more movies for us (Catch Me if You Can, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Focus). So now, you’re up to date on all things And3rson.
1. How many times have you truly been in love? I know that I’m truly in love now. In retrospect I’d say that I wasn’t really in love with the ex, but I thought I was at the time, so I think that counts. So, two. 2. What was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most? His sense of humor, his intelligence, his willingness to tell me everything, and his cute little ass. 3. What qualities should a significant other have? A sense of humor, and a sense of honor. A cute ass doesn’t hurt, either. 4. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? I’ve hurt someone’s feelings, but I doubt I’ve ever broken someone’s heart. 5. If there was one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be? Love is like oxygen. Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love.]]>