Spanky, who is a sweet little lovemonkey, will sometimes get in the mood where he’ll, while hanging out on the stairs, “talk” to you, as long as you “talk” first. So I got out the crappy old camera and made a movie. Ignore my obnoxious voice and admire the doofy-ness that is the Spankmeister, here.

I have been up since 6:30 this morning, because I wanted to lift weights before I headed for the pet store. Once I got home from the pet store, I rode my stationary bike, then cleaned the entire upstairs INCLUDING DUSTING, all before I ate breakfast. I even took time off several times to snuggle with Miz Poo, who was seriously needing the Mama love. At some point today I need to balance our checking account, which I’m not looking forward to. We use our debit cards for everything, and thus there are a zillion small transactions on the account that I have to go through and check off. I check our account online every couple of days to be sure I’ve entered everything in Quicken, and I rarely miss anything, but it’s such a huge pain in the ass to reconcile the account. I never get it right the first time, and sometimes it takes me three times through to get it right, which always pisses me off. Maybe I’ll just wait until the PMS days are past.
There is a catnip-filled sock on the floor, and though I do not know why, I am somehow compelled to sit upon it. Look at my face. Do I look pleased about this sock sitting that I am doing? No. But I cannot help myself.]]>