‘Twas a busy, busy day here in BitchyLand. I had a hair appointment at 9:30, then had to run to the post office (more about that in a minute), then get groceries, and run to Sam’s. At the post office, I mailed out the stuff people won in this week’s giveaway (don’t bother to go look, I haven’t put anything new up yet), and then checked my mailbox to find three – three! – packages for me. Well, the slips for the packages, anyway. In those three – three! – packages, in no particular order, were: Book marks and marble magnets made just for me by awesome reader Jolie! With smiley faces and everything! A big-ass box of candles, from Say’s store. And they smell absolutely amazing, especially the Almond Joy ones. Oh, and the Mulberry ones. Oh, they all smell amazing! I’d be burning one right now, but it would be overpowered by the smell of the red beans cooking, so I shall wait. She also stuck a fish-shaped Banana Kiwi soap and a pack of gum in with the candles. Clearly she’s been looking in my pantry and knows that I just opened my last pack of gum last night! Last, but certainly not least, from reader Suzette, along with one of the Bullshit! tapes (I believe that makes 4 lists who’ve finished with their tapes), a memo pad with an adorable kitten at the top. Love it! So, thanks Suzette, Say, and Jolie, you definitely made my day!

While at the post office, I was standing in line, filling out a couple of delivery confirmation forms. As I finished the second form, I heard one of the postal workers say “Next?” I grabbed my boxes and looked up, and as I stepped forward, this little old lady came out of NOWHERE, swerved around me, and stepped up to the counter. I stared, my mouth hanging open. “Did she just cut in line?” the guy standing behind me asked. “I’m not sure,” I said. “I just looked up, and she was there!” “She was over there looking at stamps a minute ago. She did – she cut in line!” he said, and then tsked in disapproval. Bitch.
This morning, a moving truck pulled up to the house of the realtor who lives two doors down from us. The movers spent all morning moving furniture and boxes into the truck. As I sat in front of my computer, the truck pulled out, drove two houses further up the street, backed into the driveway, and now they’re moving everything into that house. I am oddly amused by that.
“Oh me, I’m so bored. I think I’ll go sit on my plastic bag… Wait! What is that The Daddy holds?” “I don’t understand. Why would The Daddy put a paper bag on the floor and then walk away? Does he not understand the magic of sitting on a bag?” “I’m sitting, but the birds are chirping and distracting me. I don’t feel the magic. Where is the magic?” “Hmph. I’ve got better things to do. I’m outta here.”]]>